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Upholstery cleaning in the car: shaving foam as a stain remover

Viktoria Umbach
Lifehack for cleaning car upholstery
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M sometimes there are stains on the car seats despite all caution just can't avoid it. Especially when you are in a hurry during your lunch break and go to the nearest fast food restaurant. It goes without saying that one or two French fries with mayonnaise or ketchup will fall on the seat. Maybe it's the cola you accidentally spill or the kebab filled to the brim with salad. Such stains are usually difficult to remove. A product that is guaranteed to be found in every bathroom should help: shaving foam.

Good for shaving, good for car upholstery?

Of course, good car care includes cleaning the inside. It goes without saying that the seats also have to be cleaned. For the test you need shaving foam - you can also use gel - a damp cloth and a sponge. It doesn't matter how expensive the foam is. That's why we opted for the cheaper option (shaving gel from Balea, approx. 1.15 euros). Let's go!

If the car upholstery is very dirty, it makes sense to remove the surface dirt beforehand with a vacuum cleaner so that the shaving foam can then be used for the remaining stains. Then distribute the foam or gel on the fabric upholstery. Depending on how dirty the seats are, spray a lot of foam on the upholstery. We didn't need too much for our test. Now the foam can be worked into the seats with a sponge. A bit of effort is required, because without diligence there is no price!

After waiting 10 to 15 minutes, we were able to wipe off the foam with a damp cloth. We used a lot of water so that no residue left on the upholstery. However, you shouldn't exaggerate here, because too much water will soak the seats and cause irreparable damage. Finally, the seats still need to dry. Unfortunately, Zewa is no good for this - on the contrary! The material only dissolves and fluff! The only thing left is to be patient and wait a day if necessary.

Patrick Lang
The We give shaving foam or gel 08 out of 15 points. Despite passed tests, we are not completely convinced of this lifehack.


The car upholstery is clean and smells good ! However, it is important that after cleaning - regardless of whether only a stain has been removed or the entire bench seat has been cleaned - the seats are left to dry well. But watch out! The shaving foam must be completely removed, otherwise residues can form on the seats. Not only does it look stupid, it's also not necessarily good for the covers.

As an alternative to shaving foam, you can also use gall soap. Of course, we didn't try every type of stain for the test - unfortunately we cannot prove whether the home remedy is suitable for different types of stains. In our case, the car seats were dirty with cosmetics.

Important note: You should not use the shaving foam for cleaning leather seats, as this can damage the material in the long term. In addition, stains can occur in the material, so caution is advised here. Since some types of leather are sensitive, it is better to seek advice before cleaning! The wrong cleaning agents can damage the leather.


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