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Up to 250 new hydrogen filling stations by 2026?

A joint venture between Phillips 66 and H2 Energy plans to open up to 250 new hydrogen filling stations in Germany, Austria and Denmark.

The still very extensive network of 92 hydrogen filling stations in Germany (as of June 2021) is operated by the company H2Mobility. Shareholders include the oil companies OMV, Shell and Total, Air Liquide and Linde. Other automobile manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen are partners of H2Mobility, as is the service area operator Tank & Rast.

New impetus is now to come in the expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure. A new joint venture, in which the British energy group Phillips 66, represented by us with JET filling stations, and the Swiss company H2 Energy Europe organize themselves, is planning new locations.

According to a statement from both partners, up to 250 hydrogen filling stations will be built in Germany, Austria and Denmark by 2026. The JET filling stations in Germany also play a role here. Some of the 1,000 filling stations will also have hydrogen columns. In addition, new stations are planned "on important traffic axes". The joint venture is planning to apply for public subsidies to set up the filling station network.

Green hydrogen from Denmark

H2 Energy will take care of supplying the filling stations with hydrogen. The company recently announced plans for a 1 gigawatt electrolysis plant in Denmark. Up to 90,000 tons of “green hydrogen” are to be produced there every year, using regenerative energy to produce it. In Switzerland, H2Mobilty is also responsible for selling Hyundai fuel cell trucks. The company's own customers should therefore also become buyers for the hydrogen.

Hydrogen is currently sold at the H2Mobility stations at a standard price of 9.50 euros per kilogram. A fuel card is billed. With another player in the market, the simple system with just one fuel card will probably not be possible. As with traction current for electric cars, you have to have the right card or app.


A second player enters the manageable market with hydrogen filling stations. Phillips 66, represented with JET stations in Germany, and H2 Energy plan to open new locations for refueling fuel cell vehicles in Germany, Austria and Denmark by 2026.


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