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U 4023 as an all-terrain taxi: a new attraction in the Unimog Museum

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Unimog U 4023 as off-road taxi
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The' universal motorized device 'from Mercedes has had e in its own museum , which attracts around 40,000 visitors every year. It was created at the original production site in Gaggenau after Mercedes relocated Unimog production to the Wörth am Rhein plant. In addition to the exhibits from all Unimog eras, the museum's off-road course is a particular highlight for visitors. Around 20,000 participants are driven through the test area by experienced professionals every year to get an impression of the off-road capabilities of the heavy Unimog series.

Unimog U 4023 with crew cabin

With one the new Unimog U 4023 will do so in the future run a little more effectively, the museum has now received the corresponding model. This is a double cabin with a crew cabin that offers space for up to six passengers in addition to the driver. With three individual seats at the front and a four-seat bench at the rear, this shouldn't cause the Unimog U 4023 much trouble, because the all-wheel drive is also fit for larger tasks with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10.3 tonnes U 4023 with an in-line four-cylinder with 170 kW (230 hp) and 900 Nm at 1400 rpm. In addition to the fee-based ride, there is also the option of completing a certified driver training course. A Unimog trainer takes you on the course, which is peppered with many driving difficulties. Afterwards the participants receive a certificate of the 'Unimog driver training'.

In the picture gallery we show you a selection of further applications of the heavy Unimog series in addition to the new 'off-road taxi' of the Unimog museum - just a ' universal motor device “.


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