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Two-seater overview: from electric dwarf to super sports car

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Two-seater for everyone
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D he first love, the first car. You don't need more than two seats to be happy. Then maybe the family planning phase comes. Kombi, van or bus are now the focus of interest. Two-seater, at most as a second car, if the budget allows. When the offspring can stand on their own two feet and the household calms down again, they come back, the thoughts of the two-seater. You don't have to transport anything anymore - neither prams nor children. A nice convertible, a sports car or a chic coupé maybe.

Two-seater can also have an electric drive

Two-seater can also serve completely different interests, such as the wide range on the German one Market shows. Let's take the electric mobility enthusiast, for whom two seats are completely sufficient for his mobility. He can choose to use the Smart Fortwo as a coupe or convertible. If the approach can be even more radical, the Renault Twizy can also come into play, which arranges its two passengers one behind the other and with prices from 6,950 euros is clearly the cheapest two-seater on the market. -article__inline-container '>

Two seats and only three wheels - Polaris Slingshot.

Radical approaches must also drive the choice of vehicle when the mind puzzles around Turn models such as the KTM X-Bow or Lotus Super-Seven derivatives such as the Caterham Seven or the Donkervoort D8. Even more extreme with only two seats you can only be on the road in the Polaris Slingshot and the Morgan Three Wheeler, which in addition to more seats also do without the fourth wheel on the car.

But there are also completely different reasons to limit yourself to only two seats. Payload and loading capacity are the keywords here. We speak ofPickups that also eke out a life this side of the lifestyle vice. Nix chrome bars and running boards, leather interior and metallic paint. Pure workhorse, long loading area, short cabin for only two and space in the neck for a ton of sand, earth, gravel, ........ we speak of D-Max, Hilux or Ranger.

The most expensive two-seater costs 2.4 million euros

Max Earey
Four turbochargers, four-wheel drive, but only two seats - Bugatti Chiron.

Most of the two-seater - As expected, the offer is spread across sports cars and convertibles. But here, too, there is a broad range. As a price extreme, the Bugatti Chiron is in focus. Nobody is stronger, nobody is faster, but nobody is more expensive either. The VW subsidiary is calling for 2.4 million euros plus taxes for the extreme coupé. The Morgan model range looks extremely old. The British have been building their models for decades with almost no visual change, but the technology beneath the sheet metal has largely moved with the times. Four-seater at Morgan's? Only available as an option for the Plus 4, otherwise Morgan is always a case for two.

Other brands, on the other hand, show a weakness in the field of two-seater. BMW will not be able to get involved again with the new Z4 until 2018, otherwise no results. Even with Citroën, Hyundai or Kia as well as Mitsubishi, Opel, Seat, Skoda, Volvo or VW there are no two-seaters in the current program.

You can find what the market has to offer in our photo show.


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