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Tuning Show Sema 2016: The craziest tuning creations

Tuning Show Sema 2016
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A The Ferrari V8 swells on the front of the Toyota GT86 des 458. There is no space for a bonnet, what for? Ryan Tuerck, who put this amazing combination together, only wants to put on a show with the 'GT4586' in drift competitions anyway. He has already succeeded in doing this at Sema.

Very far up and very far down

Other modifications are also worth seeing, such as the matt black Cadillac, which shines with numerous copper accents and on his V8 carries a turbocharger that could sniff with links neighbor Lumpi. The lovingly designed lowriders are also real eye-catchers - technology is celebrated here and sometimes packaged in a kitsch way. Right next door, or should you say two floors higher, are the ultra-elevated pickup trucks. Mile long spring elements require a ladder for the access, but guarantee an unobstructed overview.

The “deeper-wider” faction is also represented in large numbers. Postage stamps will no longer fit between spoilers, aprons and asphalt. Instead, the wide tires burst from the extremely expanded wheel arches. Light alloy wheels in giganto format and all kinds of color games have emerged as further Sema trends.

You can see the shrillest impressions of Sema 2016 in the photo show.


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