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Tuning BMW M235i Coupé: This is how the tuners pimp the sports coupe

Rossen Gargolov
Tuning BMW M235i Coupé
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I n March 2014, the BMW M235i Coupé came onto the market . Since then, some tuners have given the Bavarian athlete a hand. Versus Performance, Dieselspeed, Manhart, AC Schnitzer, Tuningwerk, RS Raceline and Henni Performance: Like the editorial team, they all enjoyed the revving 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder turbo.

BMW M235i from RS Raceline with après-ski counter

In the series, the unit has an output of 326 hp and 450 Nm. Of course, the tuners top it off. Tuningwerk GmbH from Puchheim in Bavaria, for example, breathes 118 hp more into the BMW M235i. So that the supercharged six-wheeler with 444 hp doesn't start to boil, Tuningwerk brings the cooling system up to scratch - with an 850 watt fan, among other things. The specialist paints his work with racing stripes to match the increase in performance.

Tuner RS ​​Raceline also sets a special visual accent - in the form of an après-ski counter on the rear of the BMW M235i. The oversized rear wing is supposed to push the sports coupé with its 375 hp onto the road.

The BMW M235i from Raceline is already shooing sport auto over the small circuit in Hockenheim. With a time of 1: 12.3 minutes, the tuning variant showed that the contact pressure was right.

Manhart doesn't care about suitability for everyday use

Nonetheless, a tuning competitor was faster: the BMW M235i from AC Schnitzer. In a sport auto comparison test, the sports coupé shot around the small course in 1: 12.1 seconds. A separate additional control unit, modified intercooler and a new exhaust system work together to increase the performance of the Schnitzer BMW from 326 to 380 hp. Armed in this way, the manually shifted BMW M235i from AC Schnitzer runs to 100 km /h in 4.8 seconds - and thus 2 tenths faster than the production model.

Among the two other candidates, the sport auto have already been thoroughly examined, include the BMW M235i from Dieselspeed and Versus Performance. The former bolted over the asphalt strip in Hockenheim in 1: 12.4 minutes, the latter took 4 tenths of a second longer. But the M235i from Versus is top in another area: with its stainless steel exhaust system (2,699 euros) with 200-cell metal catalytic converter and two 89 mm tailpipes, it provides a unique background noise.

Anyone withBMW M235i doesn't care about everyday usability and comfort, Manhart has come to the right place. The refiner throws the back seat of the M235i in the garbage and instead plants a roll cage in the coupe and also strengthens the body. A new engine management system, sports exhaust system and larger intercooler make the Manhart MH2 Clubsport 430 HP and 592 Nm strong. In addition, the over 300 km /h M235i is given a fully adjustable coilover kit.

In our picture gallery we show you the tuned BMW M235i models.


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