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Tuning at the LA Auto Show 2016: chick racers, rims glitter

Gerd Stegmaier
Los Angeles Auto Show 2016
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K a two weeks after Donald Trump's election, the USA still under the sign of this political surprise. Tuning per se is not suspected of being political. But excessive “pimp my ride” is definitely a spectacle in the USA and it can be seen as an art form. Some objects no longer seem to be intended for driving, but merely for self-portrayal - and seem immensely exaggerated. Which somehow brings us back to the newly elected President of the USA.

Reminiscences of times when American Motorsport was still “great” and, above all, genuinely American, can be found here in abundance. And of course a lot of classic US tuning, more bling-bling, wider and deeper - or a whole lot higher - with pickups.

Big show with rims of all kinds

Almost always there : huge wheels. 24 inches for normal cars are not uncommon. And the wearers of only sparse rubber pads have to look good in any case - in gold, chrome or strong lacquer colors.

Judging by how spectacular some exhibits are, the halls with the obligatory carpeting remain comparatively little visited . In the Galpin Hall, hits pepped up with electronic beats scream for attention, in the rooms under the South Hall, where major manufacturers such as VW present their new series cars, a rock band is rehearsing.

Whoever gets away from it and the deserted anteroom (with carpet) is not put off, you can marvel in peace - see picture gallery!


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