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Tuner Infinitas: BMW M2 with 700 PS and 400 km / h in the M5

Infinitas BMW M2 with 700 PS and 400 km /h in the BMW M5
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U nd included it actually started quite harmlessly. The first BMW M2 took off with a sovereign 370 hp and soon won a loyal fan base. In the meantime, the compact coupé already drives up ex works with more than 400 horses, as a CS even with 450, and it was conceivable that various tuners would still lend a hand. Among them is the company Infinitas from Gachenbach, which makes the humorous six-cylinder in different levels of tinder.

Now there is a new escalation level in the catalog and it raises the little BMW to super sports car level. 700 HP and 850 Newton meters are the result of a combination of software and hardware modifications. New turbochargers, high-performance coolers and a suitable exhaust system are a must. Voting is done on the in-house roller test bench. The high-performance M2 should storm to 100 km /h in just 3.2 seconds, and there is no wind until 330 km /h.

The increase in performance is not alone reserved for the M2. Infinitas can also increase the M4 if necessary.

Different power levels

Such a charged three-liter six-cylinder naturally works House made a very potent figure. At least since the M2 shared the 'S55' unit with the M3 and M4, there is no longer any doubt about the ambitions of the smallest 'M'. Infinitas still blows the drive through thoroughly, replaces the turbocharger, cooler and exhaust system and helps the control electronics on the jumps. Up to now, extra performance was available in dosages 500, 531, 570 and 620. PS, of course.

Power naturally costs, no tuner is an exception. The package for the maximum increase in performancedoes not have a price tag so far, but the conversion to 570 hp is around 10,000 euros - just for orientation. A few more euros will be added for full performance. On the other hand, some super sports car drivers will probably look out of their clothes in a daze when they are left standing without a sound from the smallest of all BMW M models. And this look, that should be priceless.

A lot of steam in the kettle - an M2 with 700 hp should cause confused faces in the sports car scene.

It can be even more blatant

The M2 is the latest product of the Infinitas performance orgy. But where it comes from there is more. The tuner advertises with the - admittedly often tried - title 'fastest sedan in the world'. We're talking about the M5 (E60), which the Bavarians sent on a 372 km /h journey. For this, the V10 receives a bi-compressor update, elegant 900 PS and the name Infinitas Hurricane RR. A conversion of the current BMW M5 is on the agenda for 2020 in order to push ahead with the record hunt. The goal: almost 400 km /h on the clock.

The record is to be set on a high-speed test track. In order to achieve such high flights, the 4.4-liter V8 biturbo is of course properly increased. The S63B44 engine achieves 1,000 hp and 1,200 Newton meters of maximum torque if everything goes smoothly. The rear axle will certainly be happy that since this M5 generation it is no longer solely responsible for the drive. The Hurricane 2 should reach 100 km /h in just 2.5 seconds. Just so that we understand each other correctly: No single piece is assembled here for a record drive. You can buy this performance kit if you bring a BMW M5 with you as a base vehicle. However, you will have to put down at least 100,000 euros for this. Interesting for lively families: Infinitas also wants to plant the power in the 5 Series Touring model.

Work is still ongoing on Hurricane 2 based on the current M5. The goal: 1,000 PS, almost 400 km /h and 2.5 seconds at 100 km /h.


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