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Tuner GP 2018: With up to 799 PS towards the title

Achim Hartmann
Tuner GP 2018
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D he summit meeting of tuners takes place every year at the end of May and beginning of June and is considered an absolute fan magnet. This is also the case this year, when there will be tough duels between a total of 28 lateral dynamics experts in the scene at the 25th edition. Between 200 PS (BMW 323 Ti from Weichei Racing Tools) and 799 PS (Chevrolet C7 Z06 Lucifer from TIKT Performance) every power level is included. Above all, however, the chance to experience the pits and the paddock up close is usually not given at the Hockenheimring. At the High Performance Days everything is different.

Achim Hartmann
Burned the absolute best time today at the tuner GP: KTM Xbow from Dynotech.

Wettergott meant it badly with the cooling units

The qualifying on the 2,585 meters long 'small course' already showed first favorites. Holger Baumgartner from Dynotech set an absolute best time on the asphalt with 1: 03.381 at the wheel of his 450 hp KTM X-Bow. Second place went to Daniel Keilwitz from GeigerCars.de GmbH in his 707 hp Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with a 1: 05.526, closely followed by his colleague Daniel Schwerfeld in his 710 hp Dodge Viper. The Mercedes-AMG C63 from Väth Automobiltechnik GmbH, who finished fourth in the time trial, enjoyed a handful of ice cubes in the large air inlets between the runs. Yes, the weather gods meant it well with the spectators this weekend, but badly with the cooling units.

Achim Hartmann
In the heat, even a Mercedes is happy about a handful of ice cream.

Third place for the oldest vehicle at Tuner GP

Since not all vehicles drive in the same class - the winner will be driven in eight different classes - the qualifying was divided into two groups. In group one, in which the less powerful vehicles are on the road, Martin Garbrecht from Oettinger Sportsystems GmbH took first place with his 550 hp VW Golf 500R. His time: 1: 08.067 minutes. Second place was occupied by starting number 1: Alex Hardt (Team Versus Performance) with his 440 hp BMW M2 F87 (1: 08.495 minutes). Most of all, after his ride in hell, Alex Hardt is probably happy that the two wheels on the right side of his Munich rider quickly found it again after their brief loss of grip. Third place went to Christian Nowak from CN Fahrzeugbau GmbH in his 512 hp Cobra CRS3 (1: 09.515 minutes). The special thing here: The Cobra, built in 1969, is the oldest vehicle on the grid.

The racing results by class

In the super sports car class, Daniel Keilwitz prevailed in his 707 hp Corvette Z06 - right in front of his GeigerCars.de teammate Daniel Scherfeld. Third place went to Tomislav Bodrozic from TIKT Performance. His vehicle was also the strongest in the entire field of Tuner GP participants: a 799 hp Corvette Z06 R. Lars Kern won the sports car classification in the 494 hp Porsche 996 GT from Dynotech. Manuel Lauck in the Cayman GT4 (a-workx) and Wilfried Klein in the Lotus Exige S V6 (Komo-Tec) follow in second and third place.

Fastest lap on the X-Bow

In the sedans, station wagons and 4-seater coupés, Sebastian Tauber from Auto Tauber raced to first place with his 550 hp BMW E46 M3. Behind him is Andreas Gülden from Väth Automobiltechnik in the 700 hp Mercedes-AMG C63. The funcars with the winner Holger Baumgartner from Dynotech in his KTM X-Bow are also a small two-man class. The 450 hp racer also has the fastestLap driven at all: 1: 03.889 minutes. He is followed in this class by Steve Krack in the 470 hp Lotus 3 Eleven from Komo-Tec.

Small and compact cars

When it comes to compact cars and coupés, Alex Hardt in the BMW M2 from Versus Performance experience first place. Behind him, Agron Osaj landed in the likewise 440 hp BMW M2 (TPS Performance) and Patrick Prill in the Golf 6 R from Nankang Motorsport. Agron Osaj dominated the small car in the Mini JCW from TPS Performance ahead of Remo Coppola, also in a Mini JCW (dynamic-automotive).

Achim Hartmann
The oldest, but not slowest participant of the tuner GP: Cobra RS3 from CN Fahrzeugbau GmbH.

550 PS Golf right at the front

Martin Garbrecht in the 550 PS strong VW Golf 500R from Oettinger decided on the evaluation of the vehicles without road approval up to 2.8 liters displacement Sports system for itself. Hannes Mahler took second place in the 250 hp Mini R56 from dynamic automotive. Marcel Willert follows in third place in the Ford Focus ST from Nankang Motorsport. The oldest vehicle in the entire field, the Cobra RS3 from Christian Nowak (CN Fahrzeugbau) took first place in the youngtimers, followed by Christian Bosshard in the BMW E36 M3 from Speed ​​Industries.


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