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Tuned VW Beetle from KBR Motorsport and SEK-Carhifi

KBR Motorsport & SEK-Carhifi
VW Beetle from KBR Motorsport and SEK-Carhifi
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E l Vocho : This is the nickname the VW Beetle has in Mexico. And also the latest factory from KBR Motorsport and Sound Engineering Cologne. Although it is not a Beetle, but its retro-design descendant VW Beetle. One with plenty of depth. Just as the customer wants.

Tuned VW Beetle sniffs the asphalt strip

The voluminous snout of the pimped VW Beetle sniffs so close to the asphalt that a hand seems to fit in between . It is made possible by an H&R coilover kit, the components of which KBR Motorsport trims again. True to the motto: the spice is in the short. It probably goes well as long as there is no high curb or a nasty underground car park entrance lurking on the Beetle in the lowest step.

The new chassis costs 2,000 euros. Another 3,500 euros flow from the customer account due to the new wheel-tire combination. The tuner packs 9.5x20-inch light-alloy rims into the fenders, which are covered with 235/30 R20 slippers. Color-coordinated in black and white. Red-painted four-piston aluminum brake calipers peek out from under the rims. They bite into two-part carbon steel brake discs.

Power update to 265 hp

The new brake system needs it because the tuned VW Beetle runs over 250 km /h. And more power from its 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo pulls: 265 instead of 220 hp and 415 instead of 350 Nm thanks to optimized engine software. Cost: 899 euros. The VW Beetle is allowed to roar from a stainless steel exhaust system for the show appearance. Including the downpipe after the turbo, KBR Motorsport charges 2,250 euros for this.

The refiner is also planting Recaro sports seats in the interior. Then he leaves the field 'Sound Engineering Cologne' (SEK). The sound specialists cover the VW Beetle with a new music system. Motto: 'Uncompromising mega sound without consideration'.

For this, SEK has installed a new infotainment and 3-way front system in the cockpit. And turns the Beetle into a two-seater - despite the back seat. This is already occupied by the technology through two output stages in the seats. The specialist has placed a subwoofer and a monoblock amplifier in the trunk. Three lithium-ion batteries supply the sound system with electricity, newly insulated doors with alubutyl should guarantee clean sounds.


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