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Trump, Merkel, Röhrl, Clarkson: Quotes on autonomous driving

Quotes on autonomous driving
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S self-driving cars are 'crazy'. They are 'uncontrollable death traps' and will never work. These are words that - to put it mildly - show a certain skepticism. They are (and yes, that's obvious) from Donald Trump. These are not the only comments the US president has made about autonomous driving. Would you like more examples? “Imagine you're sitting in the back and suddenly the car zigzags around a curve. You can't even stop the damn thing! 'Or, also very nice, those sentences are in the direction of a golf buddy who drives a Tesla on autopilot and raved about the car to Trump:' Yeah, that's really cool. But I would never get into a self-driving car. I don't trust a computer when it's supposed to drive me around. '

' I will almost certainly not buy a car like this '

German politicians are a little more open-minded. Angela Merkel, for example, trusts technology a lot more than Trump - and apparently even less of people: “In 20 years we will only be allowed to drive independently with a special permit. We are the greatest risk, ”said the Chancellor in 2017. Andreas Scheuer is in a similarly positive mood: When it comes to automated and autonomous driving,“ the German automotive industry is ahead of the curve, ”said the Federal Transport Minister of Superillu. “Germany has the most patents worldwide. Now we just have to get them on the road. ”

It is probably in the nature of things that racing drivers have little use for self-driving cars. After all, they would be out of their jobs as soon as racing robots take control. As usual, rally legend Walter Röhrl expresses it drastically: “This is another step towards the dulling of mankind.” Lewis Hamilton is also not convinced: “I will almost certainly not buy a car like this. I really hope that this won't happen in my lifetime, ”says the five-time Formula 1 world champion. “On the one hand, it is certainly an advantage for some people if you want to have privacy or - while you are on the move - want to work. But I prefer to be in control of everything at all times. '

' It's good for parking '

Fernando Alonso doesn't look so black:' It's for public transport a good thing, ”says the two-time F1 champion. “The technology is so advanced that control systems and autopilots work. And normally there are no problems with that either, that's whyit is also safer. And it's good for parking. ”

The current state of development of autonomous cars, however, has not yet convinced Jeremy Clarkson:“ There are still many questions about the technology to be answered, ”says the former Top Gear and current Grand -Tour moderator. “I recently drove a car that was supposed to have autonomous capabilities. But it made two huge mistakes within 50 miles that could have been fatal. ”But he still gives the driving robots a chance:“ At the moment it's not foolproof. But as soon as it can buy a self-driving car that dominates the death road in Bolivia, I'll buy it. Because then it will be safer and better than a human. At the moment we are still miles away from that. ”

“ A bug that cars were invented in front of the computer ”

The opposing positions to Trump, Hamilton and Röhrl take the bosses of the big US Tech company. Understandable, after all they will build these self-driving cars themselves or supply the computer technology for them. Tesla boss Elon Musk, for example, said: 'In 20 years, owning a car that does not drive autonomously will feel like owning a horse today.' Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg agrees. “Good self-driving cars have the potential to massively reduce one of the main causes of death for mankind. It's a very important humanitarian thing that absolutely needs to be done. ”And Eric Schmidt, co-founder of Google, says,“ Your car should drive yourself. For me it is incredible that we let people drive cars. It's a bug that cars were invented before the computer. ”

The celebrities from the motherland of the automobile are rather skeptical about autonomous driving. If it came, he would “regret it a little, because I really enjoy driving,” says actor Ralf Möller. Günter Netzer agrees: 'It's hard to imagine anyone who actively drives a car, as I've always driven very fast cars and still loves driving.' But the former soccer star qualifies: 'Of course, it also has a bit to do with my age and I can very well imagine sitting in there and letting myself be driven. ”Moderator and weather fairy Claudia Kleinert is also divided:“ I think I would be missing something because I myself I really enjoy being behind the wheel. On the other hand, I travel so much and now nothing can be planned any more. I would love it if I had someone who drives a car, so to speak, and sit behind it, listen to music, read and work a little longer. I think it's cool. ”


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