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Even if the hero clothes are based on top and bottom, they are in the over & under technology, plenty of brainpower and a well thought-out concept.

The real highlight of Over & Under is the removable Gore-Tex membrane. Many will throw in cold coffee now, yes, in principle, but Held has thought up something new here. The removable membrane is made in such a way that it can be worn as an independent jacket or trousers either over or under the basic combination. The cut is so generous that the jacket and trousers fit loosely over the textile suit without being too tight. Worn under the station wagon, the membrane was not uncomfortably noticeable on our test drive, despite the necessary use of material. Functional underwear makes it easier to get on with the trousers. The connection between the membrane and the basic combination is sealed by zippers and snaps.


In dry, cool or changing conditions, the membrane is supported by the base station wagon. The membrane takes over the wind protection and warms the body. Unrestricted access to all outer and inner pockets is possible.

membrane as an intelligent rain suit

The membrane can be worn as a separate jacket over the textile jacket.

If it rains, the The membrane is removed and worn over the textile suit. Jacket and pants made of Gore-Tex reliably protect against water. Sure, a rain suit can do that too, but the membrane can also breathe and thus regulate the climate underneath. In other words: in humid temperatures you don't sit in your own juice. In addition, the textile suit stays clean and dry. Another advantage if the textile clothes don't want to dry at all on a multi-day tour.


Carese II and II Torno but spoil not only in adverse conditions. The built-in membrane can be completely dispensed with in the summer heat. However, pessimists can easily carry them with them with their small pack size. If it gets too hot under the textile dress, various ventilation openings on the front, back and sleeves can be opened with zippers. It gets really airy when the front zipper is also set to air inlet. So every desired draft can be set. Thanks to the large, non-slip zipper, you can do this on the chest and sleeves even while driving.

Second career as casual wear

The Membrane can also be worn as weatherproof leisurewear.

The removable membrane is the icing on the cake another delicacy with. Elegantly cut, with its anthracite-colored surface, it can also be used as waterproof leisure clothing, which in turn reduces luggage volume.

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The long cut The Carese II jacket and the matching Torno II pants, which can be zipped together, are more aimed at touring riders with an upright seat, or enduro riders who don't want to run wild through the terrain. Arm and leg width adjustments ensure that there is no fluttering, and glove cuffs can be easily stowed under the sleeves. The jacket is priced at around 600 euros (women from 580 euros), while the trousers cost a further 450 euros (women from 430 euros). Protectors on shoulders, elbows and knees are always installed. Protectors on the hips, tailbone, back and chest can be retrofitted. As in almost all new Held jackets, the APS airbag vest (450 euros) can be retrofitted. Those who prefer it sportier will find different cut models with Over & Under technology at Held.

Here you can buy the textile combination


textile suit with Gore-Tex membrane purchase opportunity Hero Carese II aps, k: carese + ii & linkCode=sl2 & tag=mrdocg-21 & linkId=877e0eecdd9978282f81adab214d1c28: Buy here from Amazon Held Torno II Buy here from Amazon


Held Over & Under: Looks good and works great.

Over & Under is not a cheap one, but a very well thought-out pleasure for everyone who wants to be equipped for all cases with a station wagon. The combination is stylish and comfortable, and with the optional airbag and full protectors it is also a very safe one.

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