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Travel tips for Berlin: Capital city in a classic way

Michael Schröder
Travel tips for Berlin
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1) Garage du Pont. R estaurant, mini-museum and event location

In the Berlin classic In the scene, word has got around that there is a new excursion destination in front of the city gates in Potsdam: the Garage du Pont, a petrol station from the thirties, which is much more reminiscent of a country house and, fortunately, in the GDR era, of major changes Cultivation was spared. Owner Kai Desinger offers light French cuisine in a stylish ambience, almost within sight of the Glienicker Bridge, and at the same time enough space for exclusive classic car exhibitions - the proven France fan has managed to bring a touch of the Côte d'Azur to the already chic Potsdam in a charming way

Kai Desinger, himself the owner of several French classics, imagines changing car presentations on his site for the future and would like to offer a space for events of all kinds on the subject of mobility. Or just for talking about petrol.

Garage du Pont, Berliner Straße 88, 14467 Potsdam, www.garagedupont.de

2) Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie. Experience history

Even if the tourist crowds are exhausting at times - the legendary Checkpoint Charlie border crossing is definitely on the list of places to visit in Berlin. A permanent exhibition in the house at Checkpoint Charlie documents, among other things, the numerous escape attempts as well as various escape objects from mini submarines to hot air balloons. The car conversions shown, in which people were smuggled from east to west, are particularly interesting for car fans. Very popular: Berlin tours in a Trabi (www.trabisafari.de).

Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstrasse 43, 10969 Berlin, Tel. 0 30/25 27 25-0, www.mauermuseum.de

3 ) German Museum of Technology. Mobility as a central theme

On the occasion of the 125th birthday of the automobile, the German Museum of Technology, which is already well worth seeing, has opened the permanent exhibition 'People on the move'. In the newly created Technoversum museum quarter in the loading street of the former Anhalter freight station, 30 have been selected so farAutomobiles are presented, including a Mercedes Nürburg from 1930, a Colani GT (1964) and a streamlined Saab 92A from 1951. The exhibition is currently being expanded.

Deutsches Technikmuseum, Trebbiner Straße 9, 10963 Berlin, Telephone 0 30/90 25 4-0, www.sdtb.de

4) 1st Berlin GDR Motorcycle Museum. The world of MZ, Simson and IWL

Even if you are only marginally interested in motorbikes - you must not pass this museum. Absolutely great how owner Uwe Kobilke presents over 140 motorcycles, sidecars, scooters and mopeds as well as rare sports and government machines from 40 years of GDR two-wheel production in a very varied way on an area of ​​around 800 square meters. The man has succeeded in bringing together virtually all models from the MZ, DKW, Simson, EMW, IWL or AWO brands, including such rare specimens as a Simson AWO 425 escort or a 150-series IFA racing machine. Worth seeing!

1. Berlin GDR Motorcycle Museum, Rochstr. 14c, 10178 Berlin, www.erstesberliner-ddr-motorradmuseum.de

5) Herbert Schmidt Oldtimer Museum. The insider tip

Anyone who has arrived in front of Herbert Schmidt's farm in Nuthetal (south of Potsdam) initially expects - nothing. Until the host opens his gate. To cut a long story short: Schmidt owns around 130 motorcycles and eight automobiles, all of which, with a few exceptions, he has restored himself over the past 40 years. The brands represented include Mercedes, Ford, Bismark, Norton, Zündapp and Borussia. If you see the before-and-after pictures and take into account the spare parts situation in the former GDR, you take off your hat. Admission by appointment only.

Oldtimermuseum Herbert Schmidt, Schlüterstr. 40, 14558 Nuthetal, Tel. 03 32 00/4 01 65, www.oldtimermuseum-schmidt .de

6) GDR Museum. Everyday life between the prefabricated building and the Trabant

Although not a pure automobile museum, it is still a must: History has hardly been presented as lively as in the GDR museum, touching and trying things out are expressly encouraged. The exhibition Trabi, for example. Smells the same as when it was delivered. You can take a seat, turn the ignition key, accelerate and off you go (virtually) through a typical prefabricated housing estate. Immediately afterwards, a kitchen and living room invite you to browse. One of the most modern museums in the world.

DDR Museum, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 1, 10178 Berlin, phone 0 30/8 47 12 37 31, www.ddr-museum.de

7) Avus-Treff Spinner-Brücke. The epicenter of the Berlin motorcycle scene

Youare already at Wannsee in the southwest of Berlin? Then please make a detour to the so-called Spinner Bridge. The Berlin and Brandenburg motorcycle scene has been meeting there for almost 50 years, and on good days, i.e. on sunny weekends, more than 1,000 two-wheelers should be gathered here. So there is always something to look at, and of course to eat and drink too: the snack at the traditional meeting has long since become a restaurant with a garden and a large event program. Whether you like the regular live music or the predominant alpine atmosphere of the owner from Austria or not - the stars are (and will remain) the motorcycles.

Avus Treff Spinner-Brücke, Spanische Allee 180, 14123 Berlin, www.spinner-bruecke.de

8) Motel Avus. Where racing history was once written

Little can be seen of the legendary AVUS, once the fastest race track in the world, after its final exit from racing (1998). The steep north curve was completely demolished long before, and the run-down grandstand is considered dilapidated. Fans should nevertheless make a pilgrimage to the hotel AVUS opposite, if only because of the unique architecture and history.

Hotel Avus, BAB 115, exit Messedamm, 14055 Berlin, phone 0 30/3 01 05 70, www.avus-motel.de

9) Classic Remise . The linchpin of the Berlin classic world

Workshops, dealers for classic vehicles, suppliers of accessories, clothing or accessories, clubs and restaurants - the all-inclusive concept is still part of the renaming has not been shaken by Meilenwerk in Classic Remise. In the chic, listed halls of a former tram depot in the Moabit district, you can easily wander around for half a day without getting really bored. The spectrum of cars on offer ranges from the Beetle to the gullwing, with the more expensive classics clearly in the majority. Good to be amazed.

Classic Remise, Wiebestraße 36 - 37, 10553 Berlin, Telephone 0 30/3640 78 14, www.remise.de

10) Ideal - Motorräder + Seitenwagen GmbH. Kreuzberger Hinterhofidylle

Since 1987, Stefan Klinkenberg has been exhibiting motorcycles from 1920 to 1950 in the remise of a Kreuzberger backyard, whereby the dividing line between a museum and a workshop is fluid. Something is constantly being screwed, mostly on older BMWs. The host's specialty, however, is faithful replicas of the Steib sidecars, which were once produced in Nuremberg. The motorcycle collection comprises around 30 examples, including somebeautiful NSU, BMW or Horex. Admission is free.

Ideal - Motorräder + Seitenwagen GmbH, Köpenicker Str. 8, 10997 Berlin, Tel. 0 30/6 18 62 57, www.ideal-seitenwagen.eu

Service tips Berlin

- Information: Berlin Tourismus GmbH, Telephone 030/25 00 25, www.visitberlin.de
- Online information: www.berlinonline .de (wide range of services).
- Apps: Fahrinfo (planner for the best connections from A to B); Berlin Kultur (all information about cultural events of all kinds).
- Sightseeing: The bus line 100 from Bahnhof Zoo to Alexanderplatz (leads past all important sights). Or: Contact Thomas Lehmann ( www.taxi-wall.de ), who a two-hour taxi through the city on the trail of the Berlin Wall (60 euros for one person, each additional 10 euros).
- Literature: Merian Berlin (7.50 euros); Marco Polo Berlin (handy and practical, 11.99 euros).


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