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Travec Tecdrah 1.5 TTi: lightweight SUV for less than 20,000 euros

Travec Tecdrah 1.5 TTi
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D he Travec Tecdrah is not supposed to be a cheap mass product, but an on Wish, mostly in Germany, produced commercial and leisure vehicle. For the components, Travec relies on high-volume products and wants to guarantee a base price for less than 20,000 euros.

The body of the 4.19 meter long, 2.04 meter wide and 1.8 meter high Travec Tecdrah is up to 70 percent from recycled plastic waste; A grid frame made of aluminum tubes ensures stability. The curb weight of 1,363 kilograms is due to this measure. LEDs are used for the headlights, rear lights and the daytime running lights.

Travec Tecdrah with 90 hp diesel

The low seating position in the Travec Tecdrah is untypical for an SUV - it is also guaranteed for tall drivers Headroom. The two rear individual seats are positioned higher, so that a view to the front is also possible from the second row.

The Travec Tecdrah is powered by a common rail diesel engine with a displacement of 90 HP and a maximum torque of 200 Newton meters at 3,750 rpm. On average, the light SUV should only consume 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers. The manufacturer is also planning a hybrid version.

All-wheel drive with three driving modes

Not only that is responsible for low fuel consumption lightweight body responsible, but also an all-wheel drive that does not work permanently. With the Travec Tecdrah, the driver can choose between three drive modes: In auto mode, the torque is automatically distributed between the front and rear axles, depending on the surface and grip. If there is sufficient grip, only the front wheels are driven. In lock mode, the permanent all-wheel drive with electronic limited-slip differential is activated, in 2WD mode it is completely deactivated.

The Travek Tecdrah will be produced in series from the first half of 2012 and can be ordered with a soft top or hard top. Orange, yellow, red, gray, green, purple, blue and dark blue are available for the body.


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