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Traton Group: VW goes public earlier on truck division

Traton initial public offering
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D he transport industry is changing. Transport volumes and emission standards are increasing. The same goes for customer demand for efficient, sustainable and competitive solutions. So it's hardly surprising that even stubborn competitors like Scania and MAN are moving closer together - or more precisely, working together. In recent years, the truck and bus manufacturers have already been brought together under the umbrella of the VW Group and then transferred to a separate group of companies. Scania, MAN, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and RIO come together under the name Traton (TRAnsport and TONage). A good 80,000 employees manufacture around 200,000 vehicles per year within the group of companies. The light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses are produced at 31 locations in 17 countries.

Back and forth at the time of the IPO

Traton CEO Andreas Renschler merges MAN, Scania, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and RIO.

Andreas Renschler, Traton CEO, says: “The new name Traton is an important milestone on our way to becoming the global champion of the transport industry. Since our founding, we have grown together faster than expected. Traton gives us greater independence. The new name will further promote the common identity and emphasize the uniqueness of our group. At the same time, it strengthens our presence as a leading company for innovative transport solutions. It makes us more attractive for employees and for the capital market. ”

An IPO was on the company's plan from the start. However, there was a back and forth as to when this should be carried out. The end of 2018 was first discussed. Then the group decided in mid-March 2019 to 'refrain from preparing for an IPO'. Now revises thatVolkswagen AG their decision and is aiming for an IPO of the company now officially called Traton SE before the summer break. According to media reports, the group could bring up to 25 percent of the truck company to the stock market and generate up to six billion euros.

Traton unites four brands

Jochen Knecht
The Volkswagen e-Delivery is purely electric and is intended for Latin America and Africa.

'We have always made it clear that we are still striving to go public,' says Frank Witter, CFO of Volkswagen AG. “The current market assessments have encouraged us to make this decision now.” Renschler also sees the time now come: “We have done excellent preparatory work and are now fully committed to a possible IPO (Initial Public Offering, the first edition of Shares on the stock exchange; d. Ed.) before the summer break. ”

In addition to MAN and Scania, the Brazilian commercial vehicle subsidiary of the VW Group and RIO are also under the Traton umbrella summarized. RIO does not offer vehicles, but an open, manufacturer-independent and cloud-based platform for freight transport. It is intended to bundle digital solutions for the entire supply chain and provide recommendations for action in real time.


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