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Transparent trucks: Samsung makes trucks transparent

Safety Trucks
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W he knows it doesn't: you get out of bed just a few minutes late in the morning and have to hurry to get to work on time. Most of the time, of all times, you run into the slowest truck in the entire district on the road in front of you. From then on, a precautionary shift into third gear is made on every straight in order to be able to overtake quickly.

Because not a few make a mistake in this, accidents often occur as a result. There are now two possible solutions for this. Either you set your alarm 15 minutes earlier (yes, that hurts), or Samsung implements the safety truck concept from Argentina in our country (yes, that would be much more convenient).

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Samsung works in accident prevention

The Korean technology company has equipped some of its trucks with cameras on the front of the vehicle and the rear wall provided with screens. The man behind sees the road in front of the truck ahead on the screens and can see when it is safe to overtake.

Unfortunately, it is to be feared that the forwarding or transport companies will hardly use these costly systems obstruct their fleets. But in the event that someone had three wishes for a fairy - that would be worth considering.


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