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Traffic sins: what you should know about MPU

Medical psychological examination
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These reasons justify a medical-psychological examination (MPU)

D serious doubts can arise if one of the following circumstances is present:

  • In the case of an alcohol violation with a blood alcohol concentration of more than 1.6 per thousand.
  • In the event of repeated influence of alcohol at the wheel.
  • In the event of the influence of drugs at the wheel.
  • Even before the driver's license is issued, an MPU can be ordered if there are justified concerns about the suitability to drive a vehicle.
  • By the withdrawal of the driving license due to a criminal offense before Renewed driving license.
  • If the driving license has been revoked because the person concerned has accumulated 18 points or more in Flensburg.

Preparation for the MPU

There are various courses to prepare for the MPU. These are usually graded according to the reasons for the driver's license withdrawal (alcohol, drugs, points). As part of these courses, the delinquent should consciously deal with his behavior and recognize optimization potential for the future.

In addition to courses in groups, there is also the opportunity to prepare for the MPU in one-on-one discussions with psychologically trained advisors. Such consultation hours, for example, cost 89 euros each at TÜV SÜD Pluspunkt. 21 hours must be completed to complete the preparation An example of a group course for MPU preparation is the 'Freyung' course from TÜV SÜD Pluspunkt (in the case of driving license revocation due to alcohol). It includes seven sessions of 3 hours each.

Follow-up training after completing an MPU

Even after an MPU, follow-up training can be recommended to regain your driving license in accordance with §7O FeV, if the medical-psychological Expert opinion comes to the conclusion that the person concerned is not yet suitable for driving a motor vehicle.

He can then refute these concerns by participating in a course to restore his or her fitness to drive. In this case, the person concerned must contact the responsible driver's license office and submit the MPU report. Participation in the course requires the approval of the authority. Such courses are offered, for example, by TÜV SÜD Pluspunkt . They cost between 359 and 499 euros. There aredifferent courses, structured according to the reason for the driver's license withdrawal (alcohol, drugs or points).

A certificate of attendance will be issued:

  • after 12 to 16 hours, spread over a period of at least 22 days (alcohol)
  • after 15 to 24 hours, spread over a period of at least 35 days (drugs)
  • after 12 to 16 hours, spread over a period of at least 22 days (points)

What you should know about the embargo period

If the judge has imposed a so-called embargo period when the driver's license is withdrawn due to alcohol abuse, participation in follow-up training may shorten this embargo period in individual cases.


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