Traffic President: Car toll must come

Transport President
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If the vehicle tax is reduced by 30 to 40 euros, a vignette could be bought for it. 'It's about the question of whether those who don't pay in Germany but let us pay abroad shouldn't also be asked to pay.'

Don't burden drivers even more

The stress on German drivers should not be increased under any circumstances, emphasized the 68-year-old. 'Politicians will have to be careful and see whether they are asking too much of the people in the country.' Therefore, at the moment, every politician will be careful not to ask for a car toll. As a tax, the revenue from the toll would have to benefit the general state coffers. 'But it could not be the only purpose to fatten the state budget,' said the President of Transport.

Toll only with control function

The toll can also be a control system be for the overcrowded German streets, said Nehm. After all, the traffic routes could not be expanded indefinitely and Deutsche Bahn was 'currently not in a position to take up the traffic flows'. And the traffic will continue to increase. If the gross national product is increased by one percent, the freight forwarding industry expects two percent more truck traffic. The flip side of the coin is that the introduction of the truck toll has led to a shift in delivery traffic to the country roads and through the city centers. 'This is not a particularly cheap and good development'.


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