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Traffic lights are dying out: cellular networks regulate traffic

Classic traffic light is dying out
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'We have to start talking to politics now. I am personal convinced that at some point towards 2030 we will no longer need traffic lights as we know them today ', says Jacobfeuerborn, Managing Director Technology at Telekom Deutschland. The reason is the increasing networking of cars. Pedestrians and cyclists would also be networked in the future, so that all traffic can be controlled.

Traffic control via networking

'We are already talking to bicycle manufacturers that bicycles equipped with SIM cards and can thus be recorded ”, says Jacobfeuerborn. 'With pedestrians, this is done via sensors or smartphones - everything is networked with one another.' In the end, the traffic lights will be superfluous. 'In the future, we will actually no longer need traffic lights. The mobile networks talk - figuratively speaking - with the cars that arrive there, and regulate the traffic.'

To do this, Telekom would have to upgrade the mobile network. The transmission speeds would have to be can be increased significantly. 'We want to get under a millisecond. For comparison: the so-called moment of shock lasts about a second in humans. Reacting to something that was already expected takes 100 milliseconds, athletes have reaction times of 6 to 7 milliseconds, ”explains the Telekom technical director. 'Everything that is less than a millisecond is practically real time for humans - and that's where we want to go in our development.'


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