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Traffic hotspots in Germany cost 48 billion euros

Traffic hot spots in Germany
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The congestion strongholds in Germany are Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich

D emnach by 2025, traffic jams in German cities with more than 250,000 inhabitants will cause a total economic damage of 47.6 billion euros - if the traffic focal points are not eliminated.

Next to Hamburg and there the A7 motorway is explicitly located still Munich with a cost factor of 5.6 billion euros and Stuttgart with costs of 5.2 billion euros in the top 3 places.

Inrix analysis includes 27 German cities

If you look at the individual traffic focal points of the 27 cities examined, Hamburg and Stuttgart (A7 at Hamburg exit Othmarschen and A8 exit Leonberg) each have 1.3 billion euros The third traffic hotspot is the A3 North exit Cologne-Mühlheim, whose traffic jams cause costs of 653 million euros Impact factors, which are made up of the length, duration and number of traffic jams in September 2015.

London traffic jams as expensive as all German traffic jams

But also in a European comparison German cities can be found in the top 10. At the top of the list is London with 12,776 traffic hotspots, which will cost 47.8 billion euros by 2025 alone - more than all 27 German cities put together. Behind them are Rome (9.6 billion euros), Paris (9.1 billion euros) and then Hamburg, the first German city. Madrid (6.2 billion euros), Antwerp (5.9 billion euros), Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne and finally Milan (all 3.8 billion euros each) complete the top 10 in the EU.


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