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Traffic court day in Goslar: MPU, car toll & amp; Co - The working groups meet

Traffic court day in Goslar
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Behind the bulky term hides the simple fact that Accidentofer during an accident-related incapacity for work Have the right to reimbursement of the cost of a domestic help - regardless of whether the work is done by friends, relatives or professionals.

This regularly causes explosive factors in claims settlement. 'The insurance industry does not voluntarily pay any housekeeping damage,' says attorney Joachim Reitenspiess from Nuremberg.

The second largest working group deals with the medical-psychological examination (MPU), popularly known as the idiot test. There is currently no possibility for those affected to defend themselves against the order of the authority to undergo an MPU. The driving license authority can now order an MPU after a serious traffic offense. Anyone who does not comply with the order or cannot prove a successful examination will automatically lose their driving license. And: 'The scandal is that you cannot defend yourself against the decisions of the expert in the test,' says lawyer Janeczek from Dresden. More than 100,000 MPUs are carried out annually. Another point of criticism is the lack of verifiability, because video or audio recordings are not required.

Passenger rights are up for debate

Passenger rights in land and air transport are also up for grabs to debate. They are standardized at national and European level, but there are considerable transparency deficits. 'The traveler often does not know whether he has a claim or whether one of the numerous exceptional cases is present,' says lawyer Martin Diebold from Tübingen. Many Goslar participants who had traveled by train and arrived up to three hours late also asked themselves this question.

Motorway toll for cars with fatal consequences

If, as a result of a car toll on the autobahn, only one in five drivers were to use the country road instead of the autobahn, according to ADAC calculations, there would be an additional 350 fatalities and 13,000 injuries every year.


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