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Traffic Court Day 2018: speeders and pushers in their sights

Verkehrsgerichtstag 2018
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A uf dem On the 56th Traffic Court Day in Goslar, more than 1,800 experts discussed current questions and problems relating to road traffic and proposed a whole range of specific measures.

Speeders and pushers

Basically dangerous traffic offenses should be how overtaking, speed and distance violations are punished more severely, demanded the traffic experts. In addition, speeders and pushers should receive higher fines in future and be confronted with driving bans more quickly. On the other hand, they rejected a general increase in all fines. More effective traffic monitoring was required to implement it.

Cannabis at the wheel

Anyone caught with cannabis at the wheel should no longer automatically lose their driver's license. First-time offenders should have to undergo an MPU. If cannabis, on the other hand, is prescribed as a drug, there are fundamentally doubts as to its fitness to drive, according to the decision.

Fines from abroad

The collection of German motorists by private debt collection agencies after minor traffic offenses abroad want to ban the experts of the traffic court day. According to the ADAC, collection agencies sometimes charge 20 times the actual fine for parking or toll violations abroad as an additional fee. In addition, the VGT complains that claims for the actual or alleged violations are sometimes only asserted years later - and this makes a review more difficult.

Reworking the accident escape

When it comes to the issue of an accident escape, they spoke Experts for more precise rules. Escape from an accident should remain punishable even in the case of sheet metal damage. An additional driving ban should only be imposed if people have been injured or significant property damage has occurred. In addition, the legal provisions on “active repentance” should be reformed. In addition, the legislature should specify how long someone has to wait at the scene of the accident if the damage has already been reported by phone.

Cell phone at the wheel

The cell phone ban at the wheel should not apply when the vehicle is in motion is autonomous while using the mobile device.

The German Traffic Court Conference (VGT) meets annually in Goslar, Lower Saxony. There, lawyers, scientists, politicians and specialists from automobile clubs, ministries, authorities, companies and associations discuss current issues relating to road traffic. At the end of the three-day meeting, they make recommendations for new regulations. Again and again it isLegislators followed the suggestions.


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