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Toyota Yaris at the IAA: This is the new Toyota small car

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I in October the new Toyota Yaris will be available at an unchanged basic price of 11,675 euros on the market. Above all, it should be characterized by further improved space economy and reduced consumption.

The design of the third generation of the Toyota Yaris has also undergone significant further development. Gone are the days of the sucked-in optics, one shows edge again. With a pointed front and striking headlights, the new Toyota Yaris looks out into the world. The waistline rises steeply, the rear wheel arches are widely exposed. Nevertheless, the drag coefficient of the little one could be reduced to 0.285.

Toyota Yaris is getting longer

In length, the new Toyota Yaris has increased by almost ten centimeters to 3.89 meters , the interior length grew accordingly by 35 millimeters. Together with the newly shaped seats, which also offer a larger adjustment range, the legroom in the rear should have increased significantly. The trunk has also increased, the floor of which has been lowered and now offers space for 286 liters of luggage. Furthermore, the loading floor can now be fixed at different heights. The Toyota Yaris is variable by folding down the split rear seat. This brings the load space to the maximum volume of 768 liters.

Toyota Yaris has three engines on offer

In Germany, the Toyota Yaris can optionally be supplied with a 1.0-liter gasoline engine 69 hp or 1.33 liter gasoline engine with 73 hp powered. The diesel side is represented by the 1.4-liter with 90 hp. Toyota also wants to have reduced the consumption figures for the new Yaris. The most economical gasoline engine should come to 4.8 liters and the diesel to 3.9 liters /100 km. From spring 2012 there will also be a hybrid version of the Toyota Yaris based on the Auris.

The safety equipment includes front, side and curtain airbags, ABS and active headrests at the front. The new Yaris also has a new multimedia system with a 6.1-inch screen, which is standard from the Life version. This can be expanded for a few extra euros with the Touch & Go internet navigation system (Google maps and apps).


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