Toyota workshop test 2012

Joerg Dotzek
Workshop test 2012
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Toyota is in service, like the current workshop test by a uto motor und sport shows that it is still top. The Japanese manufacturer has increased its best value from two years ago by three percentage points and achieved a fulfillment rate of 89 percent in terms of work performance.

The company has obviously not rested on the good results of 2010, but rather the service Quality kept high, even improved by a tad. Nevertheless: 89 percent is a good result, but the customer pays for a hundred percent work performance. So there is still room for improvement.

Only an authorized Toyota workshop is not recommended

Half of the eight dealerships achieved the maximum of 30 points and therefore the rating 'very recommendable' (Autohaus Weigler in Leverkusen, Autohaus Glaß in Leipzig, Autowelt in Saarbrücken and Heisel car dealership in Völklingen). Auto Saxe in Leipzig also finished with very recommendable with 28 points.

Two other Toyota companies can still secure a 'recommendable' (car dealership Karst in Cologne and car dealership Dello in Hamburg). Only car partner Zenke in Hamburg is out of the picture and scores 15 points as “not recommended”.

In the worst operation, only three of the seven prepared defects are corrected correctly. It remains inexplicable why the mechanic wants to replace the entire horn for 100 euros and replace the cooling water pump for a proud 350 euros. Every other company only changes the fuse, refills the cooling water and asks the customer to keep an eye on the water level. Not so with Auto-Partner Zenke: Apparently no thought is given to the defective fuse, and the cooling water is not even topped up. The lack of dialog acceptance rounds off the picture of the worst company in the Toyota workshop test.

Invoice without unpleasant surprises

The Weigler dealership shows how things can be improved. Here the customer is treated extremely politely. The service employee indicates that he does not want to do more on the car than is necessary in order to avoid higher costs. At the beginning of the dialogue reception, he carries out a brake test, followed by a thorough examination on the lifting platform, during which he already finds most of the prepared defects. Additionallyit indicates worn tires and the low charge level of the battery.

The collection is just as professional: the same employee explains the invoice and uses a photo show on the PC to explain all the work carried out and the defects found. In addition, the Toyota Yaris got free interior and exterior cleaning and an engine wash. Even when you look at the bill, there are no unpleasant surprises. At 168.69 euros, this is the third cheapest inspection. Since there is even no cash filler, the Weigler car dealership also scored five stars in the cost assessment.

Seven car dealerships indicate low cooling water levels

However, the overall impression was not at all car dealerships similarly positive, only half of the authorized workshops considered direct acceptance to be necessary. After all: at the Saxe car dealership, the service employee apologizes that the lift is occupied and looks through the Yaris in the parking lot. At the Karst car dealership, on the other hand, there is neither a dialogue acceptance nor an order confirmation.

It is pleasing that the customer in seven out of eight dealerships receives a message when picking up the car to keep an eye on the cooling water level. In addition, the bill is explained in all Toyota dealerships and a sufficiently long test drive is carried out. As close as all the service companies are, the price gap is wide.

Large inspection costs an average of 205 euros

A large inspection including an oil change, oil filter cartridge, engine oil and sealing ring costs on average 205 euros. At the Karst car dealership, the inspection is cheapest at 146.70 euros, although there is no item for oil on the invoice. At the Dello car dealership in Hamburg, 278.65 euros are charged a whopping 132 euros more. The same applies to the motor oil, which was cheapest at the Autowelt in Saarbrücken at 13.98 per liter. The Glaß car dealership shows that it can also be much more expensive. Here, 21.12 euros are charged for the liter. Very questionable: only one company asks about the desired type of oil.

The so-called cash fillers are also a popular means of driving the inspection price into dizzying heights at car repair shops. While there are no special items on the bill at Glaß, Zenke & Partner, Weigler and Karst, elsewhere system cleaner gasoline and U cleaner for 17.79 euros (Auto Saxe), white grease, brake cleaner and disposal costs for the brake fluid for 16.66 Euros (Autowelt), lubricants and cleaning agents for 4.07 euros (Heisel) or cleaning materials for 2.92 euros (Dello). Customers should not be offered such or similar positions, because the inspection amount already covers the costs for lubricants and cleaning agents.

The former classicThis time did not play a role: windshield clear was not charged in any authorized workshop. In return, however, a few attempts are made to sell the Toyota mobility guarantee for twelve euros, although this is included with many authorized dealers.

During the subsequent direct acceptance process, he discovers uneven brake values, the disconnected brake line, missing coolant and defective wiper blades . He recommends a new battery and offers a chargeable climate check. With thanks we decline.

However, he agrees to the major inspection after the viewing. The next day we pick up the Yaris again. The invoice is explained in detail, the defects found are explained in detail using photos on the PC. A cost estimate for the urgent replacement of the front brake discs is included. In addition, the vehicle is cleaned inside, outside and in the engine compartment free of charge. The battery is also being charged and is fully functional again. This is how you want service in an authorized workshop: All seven defects are correctly repaired.

auto motor und sport rating: Highly recommended

At the Examination, he registers most of the prepared defects and passes them on to his colleague, who notes everything. The incorrect headlight setting does not go undetected either. After 20 minutes, the examination on the lifting platform is over. We refuse the offer to have the summer tires fitted straight away and receive our order confirmation.

When picking up the following day at 5.30 p.m., the service employee is no longer present and his colleague is obviously busy with other things . Instead, the receptionist explains the invoice and gives further repair recommendations. We also receive a Toyota mobility guarantee. The mechanics found all defects in the smallest of all Toyota workshops tested. So the description fits perfectly: small but nice. The inspection price is in the middle range at 140.42 euros.

auto motor und sport rating: highly recommended

After After recording the data, he drives the Yaris onto the lift to get an idea of ​​the condition of the car. During the subsequent dialogue reception he devotes himself to the car extremely thoroughly and has already discovered a large part of the prepared defects. He also noticed the expired first aid kit and slightly porous and old tires. The lack of cooling water does not escape him either: 'The pink residues indicate a leaky cooling water pump.' After about 40 minutes, we leave the dealership with an order confirmation in hand.

The pick-up the next day at 2 p.m. is also exemplary. The same service employee welcomes us without waiting, explains the invoice and advises us several times to keep an eye on the cooling water level. thankswith a full score and good service, the dealership concluded with the rating 'very recommendable'. The till fillers on the bill, on the other hand, are a nuisance and spoil the good impression.

auto motor und sport rating: highly recommended

So there is no waiting time , but also not a dialogue acceptance on the lift. Too bad. The friendly service employee only explains the scope of the inspection, and in between he fetches the service booklet from the car. In the afternoon, we are informed by telephone about some defects and that the rear brake discs need to be replaced. We ask for a cost estimate.

When the vehicle is picked up, the worn and replaced parts are shown, the invoice is explained and the instruction is given to keep an eye on the cooling water level. Due to the lack of direct acceptance on the lifting platform and various cash fillers on the bill, it is only enough for fourth place for Autohaus Heisel in Völklingen despite the very good work done.

auto motor und sport rating: highly recommended

'Due to the already occupied lifting platform, I am unfortunately unable to accept it directly', he apologizes and therefore takes a look at the car in the yard - that is still better than without saying a word without it . In the engine compartment, he notices the lack of cooling water and bite marks from a marten. We are on our way home with an order confirmation. In the afternoon, the same service employee informs us by phone about torn wiper blades, a defective license plate light, the leaking water pump and other defects.

When we pick up the Yaris, he explains the invoice to us and gives us a cost estimate for the repair from reading light, water pump and drive shaft sleeve. On the other hand, we are left in the dark about the cash filler in the amount of 14.95 euros on the bill. With 28 out of 30 possible points, the dealership still achieved a positive result.

auto motor und sport rating: Highly recommended

The lady is wrong , but at least we can leave the Yaris there. An order confirmation or a dialog acceptance? Nothing like that. In return, we received a call from a service employee an hour later, who had looked at the car and recommended a major inspection as he found some defects. Irritating in view of the fact that an hour earlier no one had time to do a direct acceptance on the lift. The next day we will be informed by telephone about the inspection price and the surprisingly early collection date.

When the vehicle is picked up, the service employee explains the invoice to us and asks us to keep an eye on the cooling water level in the future. Except for the headlight setting, they haveMechanic found all defects.

auto motor und sport rating: Recommended

He then agrees to a major inspection, but would like to examine the car again beforehand . So he drives the car to the lift for direct acceptance and does a check in our presence. He already finds the defective license plate light, the cooling water level that is too low and the torn wiper blade. Finally, he offers a mobility guarantee - included in other Toyota houses - for twelve euros. We decline with thanks and receive the order confirmation.

The Yaris can be picked up again the next day at 1 p.m. We get the tip to keep an eye on the cooling water level. But clearly too much cooling water is being refilled. In addition, the right headlight was not optimally adjusted and the air pressure of the spare wheel was not checked. 23 points are still a decent result, if it weren't for the highest inspection price of all tested workshops.

auto motor und sport rating: highly recommended

The workshop master personally accepts our inspection order rather listlessly, but neither carries out a direct acceptance on the lifting platform nor does he look at the car. The next morning he calls us: 'The horn and the water pump are defective. Both have to be replaced.' According to the workshop master: 100 euros for the horn and 350 euros for the water pump. Shocked, we refuse and ask for alternatives. 'There are no alternatives, just exchanges.' We refuse and pick up the car at the agreed time.

The lady at reception explains the bill to us and collects it. The workshop foreman sits two meters away, but doesn't pay any attention to us. On the invoice there is only the note: 'Horn does not work', 'Water pump leaking, pay attention' and 'Brakes squeal'. We drive from the yard in disbelief. Even the lowest inspection price does not compensate for the worst performance of all tested Toyota authorized workshops.

auto motor und sport rating: not recommended


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