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Toyota with drive offensive: more power, more gears, less consumption

Toyota with drive offensive
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A based on the new global development kit Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA ), which debuted with the new Prius in 2015, Toyota has also refined its drive systems. Now the Japanese have presented their timetable, which is intended to “change the way Toyota cars drive.”

New gasoline engine and more gears for the automatic

Under the title “Dynamic Force Engines ”, Toyota has further developed the 2.5-liter four-cylinder. The gasoline engine relies on gasoline direct injection and variable valve control, among other things. In terms of thermodynamic efficiency, it should reach a remarkable 40%, and when integrated in a hybrid system, even 41% should be possible. The power is said to have increased to 205 hp, and the maximum torque increased to 250 Nm, but consumption decreased by up to 20%. The new engine will premiere in the new Toyota Camry, which will be presented at the Detroit Motor Show. In the version with 14: 1 compression for hybrid use, the performance data provide for 177 hp and 220 Nm.

New automatic transmissions should also contribute to greater efficiency. The new 8-speed automatic transmission (8-Speed ​​Direct Shift-8AT) is intended for transverse installation and is to be used in smaller Toyota and Lexus models. The ten-speed version (10-Speed ​​Direct Shift-10AT) is intended for rear-wheel drive models and will debut in the Lexus LC 500h and then also be found in the new Lexus LS. The new, lighter and more compact gearboxes will replace the old six- and eight-speed automatic transmissions.

Hybrid drive will be more powerful and more economical

The Toyota Hybrid System II mentioned above will also come ( THS-II) with the 2.5-liter gasoline engine for rear-wheel drive models. This also allows the use of the electric motor at higher speeds and, in the plug-in hybrid version in combination with a new lithium-ion battery, should enable a purely electric range of up to 60 km. The modular engine system also allows further configurations of four- and six-cylinder engines with different displacements.

In total, Toyota will announce 17 versions of nine engines, 10 versions of six hybrid systems and 10 new transmissions including a new one by 2021 CVT switch box on.

Double the proportion of hybrids by 2025

Overall, Toyota intends to double the proportion of hybrid cars in its sales by 2025Percent of all new Toyotas are powered by a combination of gasoline and electric motors. Toshiyuki Mizushima, head of the 'Power Train Company', announced this goal in Tokyo on Tuesday. Mizushima is skeptical about the trend towards electric cars: “Consumers also have to buy the vehicles.”


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