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Toyota with defective accelerator: recall for up to 1.8 million Toyota in Europe

Toyota with defective accelerator
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Like T oyota Europe announced on Friday (29.1.), the recall will affect the models listed in the table . Toyota could not yet say in how many of the models mentioned the problem pedal was actually installed. In total, the mentioned model series and model years comprise up to 1.8 million vehicles.

No other Toyota models are affected by the recall campaign (' You can find all the latest information on the Toyota accelerator recall here '), the sister brand Lexus are not involved in the action. However, the defective accelerator could also be found in the Toyota Aygo siblings Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 have been installed. Toyota will write to the owners of the vehicles concerned and ask them to take their cars to the workshops. Toyota sees no reason to stop production for ongoing production; a modified gas pedal has been installed in Europe for some time.

For Europe, Toyota only reports a small number of incidents with a jammed gas pedal; there have been no accidents occurs.

In the US, 2.3 million vehicles are affected

Last week, Toyota had to admit that in 2.3 Millions of American cars' accelerators can get stuck in the depressed position. Toyota has stopped selling the affected models, including the bestsellers Corolla and Camry . In the meantime, the group has found the reason for the problems and is working with the supplier CTS on a solution to get the repair done quickly. Modified gas pedals are already available for cars that are currently in production.


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