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Toyota wants to ramp up US production again

Toyota accelerator pedal recall
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U nter pressure from the public, Toyota had on January 26th Sales and production of almost half the model range stopped.

Toyota worries about sales targets for 2010

Toyota fears, however - in addition to the as yet unquantifiable burden the costs of the recall campaign ( here all information about the Toyota accelerator pedal recall ) - grinding marks in the Business. Shinichi Sasaki, the board member responsible for product quality, said on Tuesday (February 2nd) that they are concerned about whether the global sales figures targeted for 2010 could be achieved.

The order intake has decreased since the announcement of the recalls. The monthly sales figures could collapse by more than 20 percent after the experience of previous product recalls. Auto experts consider the image of the manufacturer, who has so far been praised for quality and safety, to be scratched because of the accelerator pedal debacle.

Toyota plans to start repairing the jammed accelerator pedals shortly. 'We know the problem and we have the solution,' said Toyota's US boss Jim Lentz. 'The kits are already on their way to the dealers.'

Criticism of the crisis management

Meanwhile, Toyota dealers in the USA are criticizing the crisis management of the top group . Some dealers complained that Toyota should have responded more quickly since the problem became known in October. Earl Stewart from North Palm Beach (Florida), one of the largest Toyota dealers in the southeastern United States, accused Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda of having recently apologized to customers. 'In a crisis it is usually best if the boss or owner presents himself in person. If he has no answers, you should admit it.'


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