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Toyota ViRa Concept: three-door crossover mix

Toyota ViRa Concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon
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D he crossover approach with the Toyota ViRa starts at the naming. The first part of the name is based on the small car Vitz - known to us as Yaris -, the second part is contributed by the RAV4. The three-door model also diligently cites both models in terms of design.

Large cooling air inlets on the stretched out front are combined with powerfully flared wheel arches at the front and rear. The filigree passenger compartment looks completely glazed - the A and B pillars are almost invisible. Underrun protection elements on the front and rear as well as under the side skirts suggest off-road suitability, as does the slightly increased ground clearance.

The Japanese have not yet provided any information on the technology of the 2 + 2-seater study, which will debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon .


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