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Toyota-US recalls: Toyota ready to pay another million fine

Toyota US recalls
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The US authorities had accused the group of covering up the problems .
D he investigations by the US Department of Transportation against Toyota will be discontinued with the further payment by the company. However, this does not apply to possible civil or criminal proceedings.

Fine of 16.4 million dollars already paid

In one case it concerns problems with the steering. As a result, Toyota had to recall nearly a million vehicles in the US in 2005. The other case involved slipping floor mats, which is why another five million or so cars had to be recalled. Toyota had previously paid the US government a $ 16.4 million fine after the US government had accused Toyota of covering up problems with accelerator pedals for months.

Toyota had had several technical problems since the fall Last year more than 11 million cars were recalled to repair shops worldwide, most of them in the US. These actions damaged the reputation of the largest car maker in the world.


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