Toyota swallows Daihatsu

Toyota swallows Daihatsu
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E ine The corresponding declaration by both companies was published on Friday (January 29, 2016). So far, Toyota had already held a 51.2% stake in Daihatsu. The takeover of Daihatsu should be completed by the end of August 2016 and will take place via a share swap.

Daihatsu as a brand will be retained

The aim of the agreement is to implement a joint strategy for the small car segment within which both companies can grow sustainably. To this end, Toyota and Daihatsu are founding a division specifically for small cars in growth markets. Daihatsu will take the lead in product development in the small car segment of both brands and also contribute its expertise in product planning and technology development in the mini-vehicle sector. The newly designed small cars will all be based on the “Daihatsu New Global Architecture” (DNGA) platform. The start is planned for January 2017.

Both brands will also work together in technology development. Toyota will continue to focus on the environment, safety, user experience and comfort, while Daihatsu will drive the development of cost and fuel efficient technologies. In addition, the cost efficiency in production is to be further improved through Toyota know-how.

Both brands are to remain on the market side by side.


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