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Toyota Setsuna Concept: Pretty wooden two-seater

Toyota Setsuna Concept
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H olz If properly cared for, is considered a material that will last for years. In addition, the material changes its appearance and character as a result of external influences - exactly right for a design study that is supposed to illuminate the changing relationship between people and their cars. The name Setsuna is derived from the Japanese word for 'moment'.

Wooden car with electric drive

The 3rd The, 03 meter long, 1.48 meter wide and 97 cm high two-seater carries a wide wooden pallet. While the frame is made of birch, for example, Japanese cedar wood was used for the exterior. All components were joined together in a form-fitting manner - without screws or nails. The Setsuna can also drive - no, not with a wood gasifier engine. Toyota uses an environmentally friendly electric drive.

The Toyota Setsuna Concept will be exhibited as part of Milan Design Week from April 12 to 17, 2016 in Via Tortona 31 in Milan.


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