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Toyota recalls - US authorities investigate: 34 dead from Toyota breakdowns

Toyota Recalls - US authorities investigate
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So far, 21 deaths have occurred in the past ten years with an unintended acceleration of Toyota cars has been linked.

Several committees are investigating the Toyota recalls

The authority has been collecting references from citizens to D for years efects on vehicles. Ever since Toyota recalled millions of cars and new problems continued to emerge, the number of reported accidents has skyrocketed. In the past three weeks alone, reports of 13 new fatalities were received. The Road Safety Agency is investigating the cases with the Department of Transportation and several congressional committees.

Toyota will have to answer for hearings in Washington starting February 24. Above all, it should be clarified since when the company knew about the dangerous defects and how it reacted to them. In Europe, Toyota has since admitted that a number of customers complained about the jammed pedals as early as 2008; As a result, the design of the production was changed in 2009.

The automaker is recalling more than eight million cars worldwide, most of them on the US market. The accelerator pedals threaten to get stuck in the depressed position. It can also happen that the doormat becomes wedged with the pedal. Several models of different years of construction are affected.

In addition, the brakes of 437,000 hybrid cars threaten to temporarily fail, including the Prius. That is why there are said to have already been 34 accidents with six injured in the USA alone. According to the authority's data, however, there were no deaths. Recently, pick-up trucks also had broken driveshafts.

T oyota is facing a number of lawsuits over the series of breakdowns in the US. The plaintiffs are not only victims of traffic accidents, but also owners of Toyota cars, whose vehicles are now worth less after the technical problems became known. Experts assume severalBillions of dollars that the debacle will cost Toyota. The manufacturer had to stop production and temporarily stop selling the problematic models.


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