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Toyota recall: a problem for the whole industry?

Toyota recall
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'If customers have doubts about quality and safety, it would be a problem for the entire industry,' said Honda CFO Yoichi recently Hojo the worries in a nutshell.

And indeed: every new recall, no matter how small, is suddenly viewed with eagle eyes by the public. Volkswagen reported a few days ago about defective wheel bearings on Brazilian cars - and although the models are not sold at all in this country, the message was noticed.

The buyers are insecure

They had only just regained confidence that the economy was recovering and after months of abstinence began to be interested in cars again . The Americans, Chinese and Western Europeans in particular pulled out their wallets at the beginning of the year and treated themselves to a new car. It is precisely these markets that are now being used by Toyota - Breakdown series shaken.

The topic now occupies even the mighty of this world. On Thursday, US President Barack Obama joined the discussion: 'Every automaker has a duty when public safety is concerned to act quickly and decisively if problems are identified.' The automaker should be aware that the brand is in danger if accidents happen, he said in an interview.

Toyota's sales in the important US market had already plummeted in January. With 99,000 cars, the Japanese sold fewer cars than in ten years. The competition profited, especially the large US automakers Ford and General Motors. They had lured Toyota buyers with huge discounts.

Meet the jammed accelerator pedals and faulty hybrid car brakes from Toyota the competition directly: GM has been building cars together with Toyota for years and also had to recall a model. In Ford s hybrid car isJapanese technique. And in Europe, Peugeot and Citroen their small cars 107 and C1 in the workshops - they are siblings of the Toyota Aygo.

'Cars are complex things', says expert Christoph Stürmer from the economic research institute IHS Global Insight to protect the industry. 'There have always been and always will be recalls.' The Toyota case, he admits, is something special. 'Customers are waiting to see what happens next.'

Striker doesn't expect the industry to be permanently damaged. 'If you absolutely need a car, buy one somewhere else.' At the moment, the biggest problem many buyers face is that they don't have the money. He also sees weak US auto sales in February for another reason: 'If people in one of the regions of the United States with the highest purchasing power do not dare to leave their home for two weeks because of the snowfall, then they notice it in the sales figures.'


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