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Toyota Prius recall possible: Toyota is allegedly considering recall

Rossen Gargolov
Toyota Prius recall possible
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D he usually well-informed business newspaper' Nikkei 'reported under Citing unnamed sources, Toyota has already decided this. Around 270,000 Prius models of the latest generation are affected. A Toyota spokeswoman denied this, however.

A decision has not yet been made on a possible recall

There has been no decision on a recall. 'We are in the process of examining individual cases,' said the spokeswoman. 'Nikkei' claims to have learned, however, that the world's largest car manufacturer will shortly report the recall to the transport ministries in Japan and the USA. It is about cars of the third generation of the Prius to change the control program for the ABS system. Only vehicles that were delivered between May and December are affected.

The new Prius was still the best-selling car in Japan in January. Toyota sold 170,000 cars of the model there, around 100,000 in the USA. According to the Japanese news agency Kyodo, Toyota has already started sending modified software to dealers in Japan. The ABS system is currently seen as the reason why the brakes do not work briefly when driving over uneven or slippery roads.

A recall would affect 310,000 vehicles

Should there be a recall, this could expand worldwide, since Toyota had sold around 310,000 cars of the new model in around 60 countries at the end of last year. According to the 'Nikkei', Toyota's hybrid HS250h from the luxury brand Lexus and the Sai model could also be affected, as the same braking system as the Prius had been installed in these vehicles.

The day before, Toyota had said it would it could happen that the owners of the new Prius feel a time lag when applying the brakes. But this problem can usually be resolved by stepping harder on the brakes.

US authorities are investigating braking problem

Meanwhile, the US traffic safety authority has opened an investigation into the case after receiving 124 complaints from customers. There have been four reports of accidents in this context. Japan's Ministry of Transport has also approved theSubject accepted and wants to find out if there were any problems with Toyota's handling of the lawsuits.

According to Kyodo, Toyota had planned to voluntarily carry out free repairs anyway. But in the face of growing concerns among customers after the recall of millions of cars due to jammed gas pedals, the group is leading ( here all information about the Toyota recall due to jammed gas pedals ) Talks with the authorities in Japan and the USA to go one step further and also the Prius in to bring the workshops.

Toyota had previously announced that, despite the recall debacle, it would be able to significantly reduce its operating loss this fiscal year and, on balance, even return to profitability.


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