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Toyota: Prius allegedly with braking problems

Achim Hartmann
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N according to information from the Ministry of Transport in Tokyo from Wednesday (3.2.) Are in Japan brought 14 lawsuits. There are also more than 100 similar complaints in the US, according to the Kyodo news agency.

Toyota Prius with braking problems

Toyota did not sell or die until the end of January because of problems with the accelerator Have to stop production of more than half the model range ( all information about the Toyota accelerator-recall ). Several million vehicles were ordered back to the workshops, which has already led to a noticeable drop in sales. With the problems now reported with the successful model Prius it is said to be complaints about brakes that did not work for a short time when driving over uneven or slippery roads. In the US and Japan, the problems are said to have resulted in one accident each.

One cause of the brake problems is said to be the possible malfunction of a sensor if the brake control system is hit. The Japanese Ministry of Transport told Toyota on Wednesday to investigate the case. The reason was information about an accident in Japan in which two people were injured, Kyodo reported. Toyota launched the third generation of the Prius in Japan and the United States last May. The model is made in Japan and is not affected by the recent massive recalls for faulty gas pedals. According to a spokesman, there are no known cases of defective brakes in Germany.


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