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Toyota plans: Toyota wants to double hybrid production

Achim Hartmann
Toyota plans
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W ie the usually well-informed Japanese business newspaper 'Nikkei' on Monday (18.1.) Reported that the group recently informed its parts suppliers that it would be rolling off around 800,000 hybrid cars on its home market this year. This number should be increased to around 900,000 next year and to 1.1 million cars the following year, it said.

More hybrid production outside Japan's

hybrid vehicles have a combination of a combustion engine and an electric motor. Toyota currently manufactures around 90 percent of its hybrids in Japan in six factories. There are also four other locations abroad. According to 'Nikkei', global emissions are likely to exceed one million in 2011, taking into account the vehicles assembled in China, the US and other locations. Then hybrid cars would make up about a third of all cars produced by Toyota in their own country. In 2009 it was still 20 percent.


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