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Toyota Land Cruiser 2011: New drive for the off-road icon

Toyota Land Cruiser 2011 facelift
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A the engine had not been canceled for over a year, now The time has come: At the turn of the year, Toyota is completely overhauling the proven three-liter four-cylinder diesel. This completes the model change from the J12 to the J15, which began in 2009 with the premiere of the new Land Cruiser at the IAA. He drove with the engine of the previous model for another year.

The Euro 5 engine comes one year after the vehicle premiere

With the introduction of the revised diesel engine, Toyota remains loyal to an old tradition: proven and proven reliable technology remains in the program as long as possible. And new units are tested until the last possible date before they go into series production. This is also the case with the Land Cruiser: the three-liter diesel with the type code 1KD-FTV was almost unchanged at work in various Toyota off-road vehicles for ten years.

With the introduction of the Euro 5 emissions standard in 2011 However, something new had to be found, the previous engine does not manage this hurdle. The revision was correspondingly extensive. The main change is the modified common rail injection system with a pressure of up to 2,000 bar, which now works with piezo-electric injection nozzles. Ceramic glow plugs improve the starting behavior and thus the exhaust gas values ​​in the particularly critical warm-up phase.

The compression of the new engine is relatively low at 15: 1, and the newly designed combustion chambers have also been moved into the four-cylinder. Together with additional insulation for the engine and crank drive, this is said to have significantly reduced the operating noise of the diesel engine. The new exhaust system is specially insulated and thus brings the diesel catalytic converter to operating temperature more quickly. The new engine thus meets the Euro 5 standard and undercuts its predecessor in terms of fuel consumption.

New Toyota Land Cruiser engine develops 190 hp

The performance of the renovated machine increases 17 to 190 hp, the torque by 10 to 420 Newton meters. It is in a range from 1,600 to 2,800 revolutions. The standard consumption is reduced by 0.3 to 8.1 liters of diesel (214 g /km CO2). No changes were made to the rest of the vehicle; the Land Cruiser J15 was launched in early 2010. Sales of the models with the new Euro 5 engine will start in early 2011. The prices remain unchanged, the cheapest Land Cruiser is the three-door inBasic equipment for 36,950 euros. The five-door is available from 39,700 euros.


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