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Toyota Hilux Tonka: toy truck comes to life

Toyota Hilux Tonka
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T onka builds toy cars, cars dream of the little boys. And some big ones too. Now the US toy manufacturer and Toyota have made a childhood dream come true and converted a real Hilux into the ultimate Tonka truck.

The main distinguishing feature of the Tonka truck is, apart from the huge Tonka lettering on the flanks, its yellow-black coloring. In order to match the child's model, the ground clearance has also been increased by 150 mm. In addition, the Hilux was given special heavy-duty axles, longer suspension elements and special off-road tires in 35-inch format, which can be found under thick wheel arch extensions. Other hardcore off-road equipment should not be missing. Massive underrun protection elements were installed at the front, the bonnet was replaced by a carbon component with a large power dome. Additional LED headlights in the front and on the roof should optimally illuminate the terrain under all circumstances.

The Tonka Hilux should be able to go anywhere.

The flanks protect robust side bars. The tail lift has an integrated spoiler and is made of carbon. A removable roll bar as well as spare canisters, tool boxes and the spare wheel are spread out on the loading area.

The Tonka Hilux is powered by the well-known 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel, which inhales its breath through a roof snorkel.

The Toyota Tonka Hilux was implemented by Toyota Australia, where the pickup had become the best-selling car of all last year.


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