Toyota GT 86 in the interior check

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Toyota GT 86 in the interior check
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E remember the advertising slogan:' Nothing is impossible, Toyootaaa! ' ? Some would have thought that the fact that in times of technology-laden new automobiles a light, fun-oriented and more than acceptable sports coupé is still coming onto the market is impossible. And that also from Toyota, which had withdrawn from the sports car segment for seven long years. Together with partner Subaru, the Japanese will finally be back with the BRZ and GT 86 models from September onwards.

The Toyota GT 86 already in the individual test (issue 17/2012) to prove. Today we're taking a closer look at the interior of the sports coupé, which costs a total of 32,690 euros (base price: 29,990 euros), and we want to see what the manufacturer was able to do despite the cost pressure.

Toyota GT 86 with an ergonomically perfect cockpit

The Toyota GT 86 measures just 1.28 meters in height and is therefore even lower than a Porsche 911 Carrera (1.30 meters). Getting on becomes a gymnastics exercise. It's good that the doors open wide, so even 1.90-meter people can get behind the cockpit in one go. You can sit on two sports seats covered with Alcantara and leather, which not only look good with their red contrasting stitching, but are also comfortable thanks to their good upholstery. The manual seat adjustment is uncomplicated and ticked off within seconds. Only the detents that are too far apart are a bit annoying.

The clear and sporty lines of the body continue in the interior of the Toyota GT 86. The cockpit concentrates on the essentials and is ergonomically designed. Even without high-quality materials, the Toyota makes a good impression on the inside. The workmanship is not top-notch, but absolutely okay for the purchase price. The plastic cover over the glove compartment, on the other hand, seems to be trying a bit, and even with its carbon coating it cannot distract from its polymer genes. The easily readable instruments behind the small, perforated leather-covered steering wheel are dominated by a central rev counter, which is equipped with an additional digital display for the speed.

Simple and well-processed operation

Those who need a navigation function have to invest at least 550 euros, but get an infotainment system with a touchscreen that reliably follows every finger tip and one in a matter of seconds Route calculated. Favorite songs can sometimes be turned up on the audio system of the Toyota GT 86 without it starting to clatter anywhere. Unfortunately, only the Bluetooth function for wireless connection of a cell phone did not work in our test vehicle.

The automatic air conditioning, on the other hand, worked well, blowing a lot of wind through the small ventilation slots and quickly ensuring the desired temperatures. The operation via the three rotary controls and five toggle switches is simple, well-made and easily accessible behind the gear knob the start button for the engine, which for our taste a more prominent position

Toyota GT 86 with plenty of space in the rear compartment

As expected, the storage options in the Toyota GT 86 are not really prominent either. In addition to the compartments in the doors that offer space for drinks bottles small items such as keys, mobile phone and wallet can be stowed in a compartment in the center console. The space in the glove compartment is almost used up with the operating instructions.

The fact that the company has by no means neglected the utility value of the Toyota GT 86 is shown by the space behind the two front passengers. As a 2 + 2-seater, the Toyota GT 86 is not a comfortable travel companion for four people, but with the completely foldable rear seat, which is absolutely rare in this segment, the storage space increases many times over. The Toyota idea: Hobby racing drivers should be able to travel to a racetrack with an additional tire set, helmet and tools, without the need for a second transport vehicle. The 243 liter trunk should be enough for weekend trips for two or a major purchase.

Our conclusion: The Japanese do not make the impossible possible in the interior of the Toyota GT 86, but they do convince with a pleasant, cool, sporty ambience, simple operation, good quality and surprising variability.


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