Toyota discontinues brand Scion

Toyota steams Scion
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V or around 13 years ago, Toyota had this on the US market Scion label introduced. The Japanese wanted to market young cars for young customers under this sub-brand and thus tie them to the Toyota brand. Since young people are increasingly losing interest in cars, the market for Scion is collapsing as well.

Models like the xB shaped the Scion image.

Scion without sales success

In addition, according to media reports, they already have various market surveys show an average age for Scion buyers of almost 50 years - well past the planned target group. In 2015 Scion was only able to sell 56,167 cars, even in the peak sales year of 2006 there were only 175,000 cars.

Until recently, Scion had tried to turn things around. With the IA, a Mazda 2 clone was to come into the model range, the Scion iM was an adapted Toyota Auris, the Scion FR-S was an adapted Toyota GT-86, which tC was supposed to be an Avensis-based coupé and with the CH-R a crossover also taken over by Toyota will be added to the range. In November 2015, the brand had a new boss in Andrew Gilleland.

The brand image was once shaped by models such as the xA and xB in box design.

The employees at Scion should at other Toyota locations. The development of the brand will extend until August.


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