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Toyota Corona: Owners are currently having a hard time

Gregor Hebermehl
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Special paintwork, lowered, 20-inch rims, green brake calipers. Actually nothing that would attract global attention if it weren't for the name of a Subaru model: F orester U ltimate C customized K it S p ecial - or in short: Subaru FUCKS. Let's leave it that way and don't look any further for a Subaru model that starts with 'S' ...

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But why should Subaru do better than Toyota, for example? Admittedly, the Corona is no longer up-to-date and is currently not making for good-humored owners. Thanks to the world-famous virus.

Gregor Hebermehl
It is currently not easy for the Toyota Corona.

The Hyundai Kona does not have its model series name in Portugal. No wonder, because Kona sounds like 'cona', a very vulgar term for the female genitalia. Instead, the Hyundai Kona rolls to dealers in Portugal as Hyundai Kauai (one of the main Hawaiian islands). Incidentally, also the OpelAs cona was not that popular on the Iberian Peninsula (see below)

But that's not enough of the embarrassing names: Audi's name for the electric vehicles (Étron) in German with 'Kot ' translated. While it is to be hoped that the few owners of a Lamborghini Reventon are safe on the road. Because in Spanish el reventon means 'tire damage'

Ford 'coward' and Toyota 'hideous'

Mitsubishi continues to deliver the most famous case with his Pajero, which in Spanish is with 'Wi ....' (colloquial for male masturbants) is translated. The Pajero in Spanish-speaking countries quickly became the Montero.

And with the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, other car manufacturers have had such a hard time. Toyota brought the Fiera ('hideous') onto the market, Lada and Chevrolet did not exactly cover themselves with fame with the Nova (No va='does not work') models. However, Ford shot the ball, the pinto not only 'stands' for 'coward', but also vulgarly for a small penis. And the Mazda Laputa (La Puta='The Whore') was also unsuitable for sales on the Iberian Peninsula, as was the Opel Ascona (the word 'Cona' is used here again). The VW Vento also becomes a 'fart' in no time at all.

From severed head to bastard

The French-speaking car fans in Canada had their trouble with the Buick Lacrosse, the model name of which can be translated colloquially as masturbation. The Toyota MR2 (French pronounced 'merde'=shit), however, was renamed Toyota MR in France. The Audi sports car was allowed to keep its name TT Coupé (Tete coupé=cut off head), as did the Q models, since the French pronounced 'Q' sounds like butt. The name of the Citroën study Métisse, which is translated as 'half-blood' everywhere, was also not exactly nice. However, Métisse is also called 'Bastard'.

The Citroen C-Metisse: A bastard ?!

idiots and quarrelsome women

And in Great Britain, too, some model names could not be described as not promoting imagewill. Chrysler PT Cruiser became 'pity cruiser' (jammer cruiser) and the Mitsubishi T-Box could easily become a 'Mitsubi Shit-Box'.

A look at the Scandinavian auto markets also reveals some unsightly names for cars. In Finnish, the Fiat Uno is a Fiat idiot, the Honda Jazz was originally supposed to be called 'Fitta' in Scandinavia (very, very vulgar for the female gender) and when it comes to Fiat Regata, many Swedes think of a contentious woman. But enough of the abuse, here is now (Opel) Omega=the end.


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