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Toyota Avensis recall: Driver airbag issues

Toyota has to replace the driver's airbag on 487,000 Avensis worldwide. The gas generator can burst if the airbag is deployed.

The Japanese carmaker Toyota has to recall 487,000 cars of the Avensis model series worldwide. In vehicles built between 2002 and 2006 (T25 series), chemical decomposition of the propellant in the driver's airbag gas generator can cause the gas generator to burst when the airbag is deployed.

In Germany, 76,499 vehicles are affected by this recall. The owners of such vehicles are written to by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and asked to take their vehicle to the workshops. The driver's airbag is then replaced there.

At the KBA, the recall is listed under the reference number 012352. Toyota is conducting the recall under code 22SMD-115.


The recall campaigns relating to faulty Takata airbags continue even after years. Toyota now has to equip around 487,000 older Avensis models worldwide with a new airbag.


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