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Toyota Auris at the Paris Motor Show: Japanese Europe Offensive

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Toyota Auris at the Paris Motor Show
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N ot just on the new brand face with the wide The new Toyota Auris will be recognizable in the side headlights and the trapezoidal radiator grille, and with its height reduced by 55 millimeters and the exterior length extended by 30 millimeters to 4.275 meters, it clearly stands out from the previous model. In addition, the changes made it possible to improve the aerodynamics and reduce the drag coefficient to 0.28, and the new Toyota Auris is said to have slimmed down by 40 kilograms.

Toyota Auris with more space and quality and as a station wagon

According to the manufacturer, the new Toyota Auris will offer its passengers more space despite the unchanged wheelbase of 2.60 meters. The seating position has been ergonomically optimized for the driver, while passengers on the back seat should be able to enjoy 20 millimeters more knee space. The luggage compartment could be extended by nine centimeters and the capacity increased from 354 to 360 liters.

Chrome parts on the air vents, instruments, the center console and the controls for the air conditioning and audio system as well as a steering wheel covered with nappa leather and the optional panoramic glass roof are intended to further enhance the interior of the new Toyota Auris. A new parking system is also celebrating its premiere in the Auris, which uses a reversing camera and ultrasonic sensors in the front bumper to detect parking spaces and to park them automatically. The driver only has to shift into gear and operate the accelerator and brake pedals.

One third of customers should choose the hybrid

As with the predecessor, three different variants are available for the Toyota Auris as the drive source. In addition to the two diesel engines with 1.4 and 2.0 liters displacement (90 and 120 hp) and the two gasoline engines with 1.33 and 1.6 liters displacement (99 and 132 hp), the new Toyota Auris can also be ordered as a hybrid version . The Japanese manufacturer assumes that around a third of German Auris customers will opt for the combination of a 1.8-liter gasoline engine and a 60 kW electric motor.

About the strong combined demand To be able to satisfy in Europe in the C segment, the Auris will in future also be offered in a station wagon version. With the same wheelbase, the Combi is 285 millimeters longer than the hatchback version and should offer significantly more cargo space. In addition, the loading sill is 80 millimeterslower. The engine range coincides with that of the hatchback version. This makes the Auris Combi the first station wagon with hybrid drive.

Since the new Toyota Auris, like its predecessor, was primarily developed for the European market, it will also be built in Europe. Together with the Toyota Avensis, it will roll off the production line at the Burnaston plant in the UK. The manufacturer is still keeping a low profile on prices. The current Toyota Auris is available from 16,650 euros, the hybrid version costs at least 23,300 euros.


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