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Toyota at Tokyo Motor Show 2015: Mini Hot Rod & amp; Mini athletes

Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015
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F for the lightweight sports car study S-FR, which celebrates its world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Toyota digs deep into the archive. The legendary GT 2000 from the 1960s serves as a model. Unlike this, the S-FR should not be a top model but an entry-level model. The S-FR is 3.99 meters long, 1.70 meters wide and only 1.32 meters high. This makes it a good 25 cm shorter than a GT-86. With a wheelbase of 2.48 meters, it should still offer space for 4 passengers. Like the GT-86, the S-FR also carries the engine at the front. The rear wheels are driven.

The Japanese do not provide any information about the engine, but the gear is shifted using a manual six-speed gearbox.

Toyota Kikai shows its technology

Making technology visible is the credo of the Toyota Kikai study. The three-seater mini hot rod has a length of 3.40 meters, a width of 1.80 meters and a height of 1.55 meters. Toyota specifies the wheelbase as 2.45 meters. With its reduced body and free-standing wheels, the Kikai openly displays its technology. In this way, the viewer can take a deep look into the wheel suspension, the drive and even the windshield wiper linkage.

The driver sits in the Kikai in a central position, the passengers behind it. We don't know what power the Kikai uses to set its crew in motion - but it is certain that the Kikai is already a show when it is stationary.

Toyota FCV Plus also serves as a power source

The FCV Plus study takes a look far ahead into the future of fuel cell vehicles. The concept looks like a catamaran on wheels, over which a large glass pulpit has been pulled. The wheels slumber under exposed wheel arches, the rear ones even fully clad.

The four-seater is set in motion by a fuel cell drive. When the vehicle is not in use, this can also be used as a local energy source or even feed electricity into the grid. The drive components are located in the front and back of the chassis. Together with a wheelbase of 3 meters, the 3.80 meters long, 1.75 meters wide and 1.54 meters high FCV Plus should offer generous interior space.


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