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Toyota at Sema 2015: A lot of automotive toys

Toyota at Sema 2015
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T undrasine is a flattering name for Toyota for its stretch version of the Tundra pickup. If the XXL Toyota is to drive up, it is first time to create space. The pickup was extended by almost 2.30 meters and now has a total length of 8.10 meters, making it a four-door model - on each side. Behind it is a leather and precious wood carpet landscape with luxury armchairs with reclining function and a luxury rear bench. What Toyota wants with the Tundrasine - attract attention, because in the USA everything is just a little bigger.

Toy truck for men

Toyota has also made the famous Tonka toy trucks bigger. Based on the 4Runners, the Japanese transformed the miniature truck into a men's toy on a 1: 1 scale. In order to maintain the proportions of the toy, the 4Runner body was raised by a full 25 cm with a special chassis. The series wheels had to give way to 38-inch special off-rod tires on 20-inch rims. Bull bars, additional lights and the typical black and yellow color scheme should not be missing.

The Sienna R Concept shows how much fun there is in a family van. In order to achieve more driving dynamics, the chassis was mainly screwed on. Racing rims with racing tires, a sports brake system, a fully adjustable coilover suspension and a limited-slip differential for the drive axle went under the sheet metal. The drivetrain with the 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine and six-speed automatic remained untouched. Nevertheless, the Sienna R should perform a 426 hp Camaro SS on the racetrack.

Toyota tuning department shows up

A proper appearance by the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) department should not be missing in the Sema lift. The Japanese have 5 models in their show program, upgraded with new accessories from the TRD range. The limousines Avalaon, Camry and Corolla, as well as the SUV Highlander and Land Cruiser can be seen.

With the Land Cruiser LC200, the Japanese are showing a model from their test fleet that is currently on a trip around the world for the development of new experiences To collect models. Toyota also sent the UUV, the Ultimate Utility Vehicle, on this trip. The UUV combines a Tacoma ladder frame and drive train with a Sienna body. On board the rolling command center for the round-the-world trip are internet access,Satellite TV and a night vision device.

Mirai with flux compensator

The anniversary of 'Back to the Future' Toyota is dedicating two models to the Sema. The fully loaded Toyota Tacoma is supposed to inspire film fans, the Mirai fuel cell sedan has been converted into a time machine. The flux compensator is located in the retractable stern, like the DeLorean, the Mirai also has upward-opening double doors. The unconventional design of the Mirai has also been advantageously changed in other ways.


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