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Toyota and retail chain Seven-Eleven cooperate in Japan

Toyota cooperates with Seven-Eleven
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T oyota continues to rely on fuel cells. There is potential here, especially in the commercial vehicle segment. In addition to a local bus, Toyota is also putting trucks with hydrogen tanks on the road.

The first two vehicles are to be on the road in the Tokyo area from spring 2019 to supply supermarkets of the Seven-Eleven retail chain with goods. The fuel cell not only supplies the electricity for propulsion, but also supplies the cooling of the cargo space with energy. Three tanks store a total of seven kilograms of hydrogen, which should be sufficient for a range of 200 kilometers. Like the Mirai, the fuel cell trucks can also provide electricity in an emergency, for example after a natural disaster such as an earthquake. Should the local energy supply be interrupted, for example after an earthquake, the fuel cell acts as a generator.

Fuel cells in the shops

The cooperation between Toyota and Seven-Eleven also provides for further measures Reduction of CO2 emissions. In the Seven Eleven branches, electricity is also generated from hydrogen. Here, fuel cell stacks, which correspond to those in the Toyota Mirai, are to be used as energy suppliers for batteries. The batteries come from hybrid vehicles that use solar panels as a power source in addition to the fuel cell. The first Seven-Eleven stores are to be converted accordingly in autumn 2019.


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