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Toyota accelerator: recall also for Europe

Toyota accelerator
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It will be further checked in which models the problematic pedals from the US supplier CTS are installed and which production years and quantities are involved.

Toyota is on almost all European Markets and sold a total of 882,350 vehicles there in 2009, including almost 138,500 in Germany.

Toyota has yet to check the facts closely

The spokeswoman said Toyota was building Ga Pedals from several suppliers, but only the pedals from the US manufacturer could potentially block. Although almost all of the vehicles sold in Europe are also produced in Europe - in France, England, the Czech Republic and Poland - the Japanese company is also checking to be on the safe side whether the unsafe pedals could have been installed in these vehicles. 'But there are no plans and no need to stop production in Europe', emphasized Knechtges.

In the USA a few days ago, sales and production of eight models from several years of construction were stopped - almost half the model range . Around 2.3 million vehicles built between 2005 and 2010 were recalled because of the jammed accelerator pedals. In addition, Toyota only called on another 1.1 million customers on Wednesday to bring their cars to the workshop because floor mats and pedals threatened to become wedged. As a result, more than four million vehicles were recalled in 2009.


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