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Toyota accelerator pedal recall: Toyota boss apologizes for recall

Toyota accelerator pedal recall
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T oyota now wants to find out all the facts and get them to the customer explain to take away their fear as quickly as possible. Everything will be done to ensure that something like this doesn't happen again, said the president of the world's largest car manufacturer.

Toyota has to recall up to 1.8 million cars

On Friday, the wave of recalls reached Europe due to problems with jammed gas pedals: The Japanese car manufacturer has to bring up to 1.8 million vehicles to the workshops there too. This affects different years of construction of the models Aygo , IQ , Yaris , Auris , Corolla , Verso , Avensis and RAV4 . The company announced in Cologne that it has only known a limited number of cases in Europe in which the problem has occurred. According to the current state of knowledge, there has not yet been an accident that would have been caused by this.

Meanwhile, Toyota Germany has not yet received any increased inquiries from concerned customers, said spokesman Ekkardt Sensendorf on Saturday in Cologne. On a customer hotline that is manned on weekdays, no significant increase in the number of callers was recorded until Friday evening. 'It's been relatively quiet so far.' Information on how many cars in Germany are affected by the recall action can be made by the company on Monday at the earliest, said Sensendorf.

The owners of affected vehicles in Germany will receive a letter from the Federal Motor Transport Authority in the next few days would be informed of the recall and asked toGo to a Toyota workshop. There the accelerator pedal will be repaired or replaced, it was said.

In the USA 2.3 million vehicles are being recalled

Last week, Toyota had to admit that accelerators can get stuck in the depressed position in 2.3 million American cars. As a result, sales of the affected models in the USA were stopped.


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