Toyota 2010 workshop test

Reinhard Schmid
Toyota 2010 workshop test
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After bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps, trust in the Toyota Group is severely tested. Right? The fact is that the worldwide number one among the car manufacturers in the workshop test of a uto motor und sport achieved a fulfillment rate of 86 percent - 30 Percentage points more than two years ago. A reason to be happy for Johannes Herrlich, General Manager Customer Service, who promised to revise the standardized service processes after the miserable test in 2008 and to carry out his own workshop tests across the board. 'We have to ensure improvements quickly and sustainably,' he emphasized at the time. It looks like the measures have already taken effect.

Three Toyota dealerships achieve the maximum number of points

Three of the eight dealerships achieve that Maximum of 30 points and thus the rating 'highly recommended' (MCF Motor Company in Berlin, Heisel car dealership in St. Wendel and Moser dealership in Laberweinting). Four other businesses secure a 'recommendable' (Raupach & Kalla in Ahrensfelde, Heim & Köpke in St. Ingbert, Schober in Velden and Schneider in Saarbrücken). Only the Lohrheide car dealership in Bochum is out of line with 17 points, the result is only enough for a 'conditionally recommendable' rating. In the worst operation, only four of the seven built-in errors are fixed. It remains incomprehensible why the employee does not adjust the headlights, although this checkpoint is ticked off on the checklist with 'OK'. The disconnected brake line also remains untouched. Cooling water is topped up, but the master does not say a word about continuing to monitor the liquid level. In addition, the dealership is charging an impressive 206.04 euros for the inspection - the highest price in the test round.

The test winner goes one better with a free engine wash

How it can be better, shows the test winner, the MCF Motor Company. Even the exemplary communication at the acceptance point indicates trained personnel. The service employee conducts a thorough dialogue on the lift, during which he explains the individual work steps and points out upcoming repairs such as worn brakes and a leaky timing chain slot. He also answers the customer's questions in a friendly manner. The next day the call comes in that the car is ready and a few more detailsbe discussed. The collection is just as professional: the same employee discusses the individual items on the invoice with the customer and explains exactly what has been done. A free engine wash tops it all off. However, there is criticism for the high costs: At 200.66 euros, the inspection is the second most expensive, a liter of engine oil costs a proud 19.90 euros, and on the bill you can find the cash filler brake and corrosion protection for 7.09 euros as well as antifreeze for 3.83 euros. The dealership replaces the side indicator bulbs without being asked, stating that the flaking orange color could cause some problems during the next general inspection.

Six dealerships carry out a dialogue

Except for the two Car dealerships Schober and Heisel, the other six authorized dealers conduct a dialogue acceptance. In addition, the Heisel employee apologizes for the stressed vehicle reception and the waiting time after our delay due to traffic jams. At the Schober car dealership, the friendly service employee picks up the vehicle and takes the customer service booklet out of the car. It takes barely five minutes to hand in papers and keys, receive an order confirmation, and that's it. No workshop employee or even a foreman looks at the car. The collection proceeds accordingly. Although employees are present, a trainee hands over the car. She reads out the invoice items and does not forget the advice to keep an eye on the cooling water loss. The maintenance checklist we received looks like we designed it ourselves, and we can look for the car in the yard. But the impression is deceptive: apart from the disconnected brake line, the fitters remove all built-in defects. That results in 25 points and a 'recommendable'.

Some companies are trying to cash in additional euros

As close together as all car dealerships are in terms of work performance and service, there is a gap between them in terms of pricing . A major inspection including an oil change, oil filter cartridge, engine oil and sealing ring costs an average of 170 euros. At the Heisel car dealership, not only is the inspection cheapest at 128.25 euros, but also the engine oil at 7.04 euros per liter. In contrast, customer service costs over 200 euros for both the best and the worst workshop. At Heim & Köpke and Heisel alone, there are no cash fillers.
The others are sporty at cashing in additional euros: antifreeze and brake cleaner for 6.57 euros (Raupach & Kalla), brake and corrosion protection as well as frost protection for 10.92 euros (Motor Company), windshield cleaner for 2.88 euros ( Lohrheide), windscreen antifreeze and small parts for 2.97 euros (Moser), 4.64 euros for lubricant (Schober) and 1.99 euros for maintenance grease (Schneider). You shouldn't accept that, because the inspection fee covers the costs forLubricants and cleaning agents already from. Calculating windshield clear is bold anyway, as the container for the wiper water was filled to the brim before the vehicle was handed over.

Overall, the workshops leave a predominantly positive impression

All workshops test drive at least three kilometers and explain the bill. The customer receives an order confirmation in seven companies, only at Moser he gets nothing. Nonetheless, this workshop also finds all the errors and assures itself a 'very recommendable'. When you pick it up, the foreman discusses the individual points in detail with the customer and points out the worn brakes. He even offers to get the wearing parts from the accessories trade, because that way you can save up to 30 percent.

Little is going on in the bright and tidy dealership. The master takes the Toyota Corolla onto the lift. In the engine compartment he discovers a boiled over battery and, after a cursory glance under the car, a sweating axle sleeve. 'Otherwise he's still quite healthy,' he states after barely five minutes of inspection. Upon collection, the foreman explains that the alternator and regulator are working correctly and that the cause of the battery boiling over was possibly a hanging regulator. Then he points out the expired first aid kit and offers a new one for 30 euros.

The workshop topped up the cooling water without giving any indication of the possible cause. The headlights and the brake line remain untouched. With 17 out of 30 possible points, the Bochum company achieved a moderate quality of work. In addition, there is a lack of information and explanations about the scope of the inspection, not to mention the high price.

auto motor und sport evaluation: Conditionally recommended

An inconspicuous company without an exhibition room, with a small service area and sales counter. The service employee is very friendly, her colleague from the workshop only speaks the bare minimum. Perhaps it is due to the lack of communication that there is no indication of the loss of cooling water in the dealership. The causes are not searched for, and the customer is not encouraged to continue monitoring the cooling water level. The headlights are not adjusted correctly either. All other bugs have been fixed. Upon acceptance, the service advisor dismantles the front wheels in order to be able to assess the brake wear.

According to the website, the car dealership Schneider was named the best dealership by Toyota in 1993 in terms of customer satisfaction from over 800 authorized dealers. With 22 points it just achieved a 'recommendable' in the auto motor und sport workshop test.

auto motor und sport rating: Recommended

There are crowded vehicles in the gravel courtyard. There is no dialogue acceptance. Park the car, place an order, come back the next day,Pay the bill and take the car with you. That's it already. Nobody examines the vehicle together with the customer. A friendly office worker takes care of the acceptance, while we are picked up by an equally courteous trainee. She reads out the individual invoice items, including the recommendation to keep an eye on the cooling water level.

Only the unhooked brake line remains hidden from the mechanic - that ultimately costs the Bavarian company the full number of points. Schober is the only one who charges the brake fluid change extra.

auto motor und sport rating: Recommended

With 25 points, the Ahrensfeld dealership is in the middle of the tested Toyota dealerships. Only the unhooked brake line remains undetected in the workshop. Apart from that, the work performance is very good. The only real downer: shortly before we pick up the car, the employee calls and announces that the bill is unfortunately higher than discussed.

What happened? Troubleshooting the loss of cooling water and the defective horn pushes the price up from the previously targeted 240 to 300 euros. This is irritating, because this additional effort should be discussed with the customer when the vehicle is accepted, since the two defects were already discovered there and were therefore known.

auto motor und sport rating: Recommended

ugh outside, hui inside? At least customers shouldn't let themselves be negatively influenced by the appearance of this workshop, which is integrated into a petrol station: The rooms are yellowed with cigarette smoke, and colorless advertising posters hang on the walls. Because apart from the incorrect adjustment of the headlights, the company has done a careful job. All additional work is meticulously listed on the invoice, there are various notes on defects and wear ('Windshield stone chips - watch, gear oil level too low - topped up, checked for leaks, replace brakes at the next customer service if necessary').

They missed the maximum number of points because of the incorrectly adjusted headlights, but 27 out of 30 points are enough for the judgment 'recommendable'.

auto motor und sport rating: Recommended

During the rather superficial acceptance on the lifting platform, the service technician in the well-arranged Bavarian car dealership discovers the defective windshield wipers and takes a look after windscreen washer and cooling water. When he notices the worn brakes, he explains that it might be enough to turn the brake discs off instead of replacing them. A cost estimate is enclosed with the invoice. The mechanics did their job well and eliminated all prepared mistakes.

When collecting the vehicle, the foreman points out defects and recommends keeping an eye on the cooling water levelto keep. He also promises a cheaper alternative for repairing the brakes by using parts from the accessory trade. Small point of criticism: The checklist lacks any official character. It looks like a self-design.

auto motor und sport rating: highly recommended

After we arrive late, we can wait around 40 minutes with a coffee in the spacious car dealership. The service advisor then records the data without offering the customer a direct acceptance on a lifting platform. On the other hand, the work performance in the workshop is all the better, because all prepared defects are eliminated. When picking up the car, the employee apologizes for the waiting time the day before and gives us a voucher for 20 euros. He explains the calculation in detail and points out the loss of cooling water.

With the full number of points, the company lives up to its motto 'everything checked, dat et auto net v‘reck'. In addition, the inspection is the cheapest at 128.25 euros, as is the price for a liter of oil at 7.04 euros. But since there was no direct acceptance, the company just missed the top spot.

auto motor und sport rating: highly recommended

There is little going on in the big Toyota dealership shortly before 6 p.m. We take a seat in the waiting area and are offered drinks. After a few minutes, a service employee picks us up and, in a short, friendly conversation, explores what should be done on the Corolla. He devotes himself to the subsequent acceptance of a dialogue on the lifting platform and discovers worn brakes and a leaky timing chain shaft. After all questions have been clarified, we will receive the order confirmation. The collection is just as professional. The same employee discusses the bill, goes into all points and does not forget the advice to keep an eye on the cooling water level.

This is how a customer wishes to be treated by the service staff: competent and friendly, responsive to the customer's questions. There is criticism for high prices, superfluous cash fillers and the non-discussed replacement of the side indicator bulbs.

auto motor und sport rating: Highly recommended


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