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Touring Superleggera Bentley Continental Flying Star in Geneva: station wagon version of the Bentley Continental GTC

Sebastian Viehmann
Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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D as, based near Milan and founded in 1926 Touring is no stranger to the industry. Among other things, the Italians invented the famous “Superleggera” concept: on the basis of a lattice frame, it allows very light vehicles to be built using aluminum and partly magnesium. Among other things, the BMW 328 Mille Miglia from 1940 and various Ferrari models were created under the aegis of Touring. Other models were Alfa Romeo 1900 Sprint, Lancia Flaminia Coupé, Aston Martin DB5, Lamborghini 350 and 400 GT, and Maserati 3500 and 5000 GT.

At the Geneva Motor Show 2010, Touring is now presenting a new creation, the a very special customer request. In 2008, a collector approached the Milan-based company and expressed his desire for a Bentley Continental station wagon.

Touring had already implemented a similar project in 1966 with the Lamborghini Flying Star II prototype, and debuted on the in 2008 Geneva Motor Show of the Maserati A8 GCS Berlinetta based on the Maserati Quattroporte.

Up to 1,200 liters of cargo volume in the Touring Bentley Continental Flying Star

The Milanese chose the Bentley as the basis for the Bentley station wagon Continental GTC convertible. From the A-pillar, no sheet metal remained on the other. Touring completely rebuilt the rear of the Continental. A longer roof, modified aluminum doors and an electrically opening tailgate make the Bentley Continental Flying Star out of the open-topped Brit. To do this, the touring engineers reinforced the rear frame. They even received support from Bentley technicians in their project.

The redesigned rear compartment shines with foldable rear seats and a variable, up to two-meter-long loading area that is covered with leather. On request, a specially adapted luggage set can be fitted into the large luggage compartment with millimeter precision. The latter swallows between 400 and 1,200 liters after the conversion. If the seats are not folded down, there should be space for up to four golf bags in the trunk of the Touring Bentley Continental Flying Star.

It was important to the designers under the direction of the 32-year-old Belgian Louis de Fabribeckers that the typical Bentley features were retained . At the rear, the oval surrounds of the taillights are reminiscent of famous Bentley hatchbacks from the 1950s. The side view is dominated by the flat roof line and the exhibited onesWheel arches. The Italians lined the interior of the Touring Bentley Continental Flying Star with two-tone leather.

Touring Bentley Continental Flying Star: W12 engine with up to 610 hp

Everything stays the same under the hood Alten: You can choose from the 560 hp six-liter W12 of the Bentley Continental GTC, which sends 650 Nm to all four wheels. Alternatively, the twelve-cylinder Bentley Continental GTC Speed, trimmed to 610 hp, is available for the deliberately brisk combination pleasure.

Touring wants to put a limited special series of 20 vehicles on keel of the Bentley Continental Flying Star. The base price of 590,000 euros, however, should only be a guide. Because every customer can design their model individually. Incidentally, every Bentley workshop will service the station wagon. In addition, the full factory warranty is retained.


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